8 Primary Factors in Female Hair Loss


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Society these days is placing more emphasis on the way we look, and consequently people are increasingly concerned (some may say obsessed!) with their appearance. Hair loss in women, although not discussed as often as male hair loss is of great concern to many.

Eight primary factors in female hair loss are:

* Female pattern baldness. Many women who suffer hair loss do so for the same reasons as men. . . androgenetic alopecia. This is a reaction to male hormones in their bodies which basically converts testosterone into DHT in the same way as as in male pattern baldness. This factor is usually of less concern to women than men due to the helpful influence of their own female hormones,

* Telogen effluvium This is a thinning of hair which can be the result of of stress caused by a dramatic event which shocks the hair growth cycle. Deaths in the family, disasters and even pregnancy are examples.

* Alopecia areata This condition is characterized by patchy hair loss, both on the scalp or on other parts of the body. It is thought to be the result of immune system deficiencies, and in many cases, hair will regrow of its own accord.

* Child Birth-Pregnancy Hair loss in women can be the result of pregnancy and child birth. It appears that hair can go through a dormant phase often within 3 to 6 months after delivery.

* Diets Hair loss in women has also been attributed to intensive and often un natural diets that are common today.

* Illness or Infection These are problems also associated with hair loss in women and have been attributed to shedding or thinning of hair due to stress on the body. In many cases, hair returns to normal when the illness is cured.

* Chemical Hair Treatments Bleaching and tinting are just two of the harsh hair treatments that can cause adverse effects if used too often and should be stopped if the condition of hair deteriorates.

* Harsh Styling Constant pulling hair tightly in styles such as braids or even ponytails can also cause womens hair to fall out and should be avoided. Vigorous brushing and towelling of is another cause of thinning or damage.

If you are noticing hair loss and can not identify with any of these factors, a visit ot your doctor is recommended. Home remedies may be an option, but stick with natural chemical free treatments if this is your choice.

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