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There are a few food items that need to be included in our diet to prevent the problem of hair fall. Our body requires calcium, silica and iron. Green vegetables and the seafood provide calcium to the body. Raw oats are rich in silica. Iron can be obtained from dried fruits and cherry juice.

The people who consume a lot of fatty foods face the problem of increased testosterone levels during puberty. Due to this the hair follicles are affected and they face the problem of alopecia.

Anemia is also one of the causes of hair loss. In order to stay away from this illness, it is better to eat plenty of green and leafy vegetables, dry fruits, eggs, whole grain cereals and iron-rich foods.

The intake of protein is very vital to the hair, as the hair mainly comprises of proteins. The foods that are rich in protein are wheat germs, calves liver and brewer’s yeast. Granulated lecithin besides being rich in proteins also contains Vitamin B in plenty.

Silica works out very effectively for hair growth. As per a study conducted by the Soviet Union, silica was added to shampoo. The results that were obtained were really promising. It prevented e hair loss, stimulated hair growth and the hair texture was sparkling and shiny.

This nutrient can be extracted from the outer covering of potato, green and red pepper and cucumber. Vitamin C readily improves the absorption of iron into the body. Therefore your food diet should include fruits like orange and sweet lime. It is advised to consume edibles like nuts, seeds, olive oil or avocados, as they are rich in vitamin E.

Sometimes due to the malfunctioning of thyroid system you may be undergoing the problem of hair loss. For this reason Vitamin A becomes really essential. Therefore use foods like carrots, spinach, flax, walnuts or pumpkins. For proper iodine intake eat turnips, cabbage, mustard or peanuts.

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