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Around the world a large number of people are engaged in some kind of exercise, sports, or physical activities. Undertaking physical activity on a regular basis rewards you with a large number of benefits. Exercise is essential to keep your mind and body “in shape". From ancient Indian Yoga methodology to ultramodern “Total gym" the concept of exercise is to make your mind and intellect grow together in harmony.

Numerous clubs have purchased Total Gym to add to their facilities. The U. S. Olympic Team has also adopted the Total Gym as part of their regular training. Some of the models of total gyms have been introduced in rehabilitation centers, training facilities and hospitals all over the world.

The beginning of something great

Larry Westfall, Tom Campanaro and Dale McMurray started the Total Gym. The concept behind it was to aware people of our everyday functional movements that we use against gravitational force. In the seventies people were not interested in exercise. But in 1980’s the courage of exercise and bodybuilding exploded and the partners made lot of money with their “Total Gym" body building instruments.

Famous athlete and now spokesman Chuck Norris is using the “Total Gym" for the past twenty years.

Total Gym Unbeatable Features

With the help of Total Gym you can easily perform more than sixty exercises. Besides, changing from one posture to another using the instruments is neither complicated nor difficult. The equipment is made up of solid steel to give you better support while exercising and they guarantee a life long service.

Some unique features of total gym:

  • Media materials: If your exercise time with Total Gym does not match with the trainer’s, even then you can exercise as it comes with media material such as an instructional video and books.

  • Pilates bar: Total gym is available in various models, some particular models have a Pilates bar to change your work out positions by adding some depth.

  • Auto lock facility: This facility enables you height adjustments for safety reasons.

  • Glide board: King size glide board for your extra comfort while exercising.

  • Wide tower: It adds to the durability and stability of the Total gym.

    Your Commitment to The Total Gym

    Just a regular exercise of twenty to twenty five minutes per day three to four times a week can bring your desirable results with your Total gym. You will find a remarkable change in your mental attitude, and physically, will always feel life filled with energy.

    Some specific benefits with total gym:

    Improved muscle tone: Exercise with total gym will improve your muscle tone to change the shape of your body. Since muscle is denser than fat, one can get bigger or smaller by gaining more muscle mass.

    Increased metabolism: Increased physical activity with total gym leads to more muscle mass, which itself leads to speed the rate of metabolism. You will burn 100 to 150 extra calories, helping in maintain your weight.

    Regular use of total gym thus will bring you reduced stress, improved self-esteem and better health.

    Note: You should visit a chiropractor or specialist if you are experiencing any health hazard such as Diabetes, Myocardial infarct or asthma before going to practice with total Gym.

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