The Shocking Advantages Of An Elliptical Trainer Over A Treadmill

Derrick Pizur

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Many experts have come to agree that elliptical trainers are much better than treadmills. While treadmills are a useful piece of equipment for any workout regimen, elliptical trainers definitely have their place.

The most widely known advantage of an elliptical trainer is the low impact workout that it creates. See when you're using a treadmill your feet leave the surface of the treadmill as you take a step, and then come back into contact with the treadmill. This causes pressure to be put on joints, muscles and parts of the body like hips and knees.

Elliptical trainers on the other hand your feet never leave the surface of the machine, making it a very low impact workout. This allows you to work out for longer periods of time as well as avoid unnecessary pain that ensues after a workout that has an impact.

A second advantage, is many elliptical trainers have a feature where you also workout your arms as your working out your legs. Treadmills on the other hand usually keep your arms in a fixed position for obvious safety reasons. This dual action movement provided by an elliptical trainer helps you burn more calories in the same amount of time. The

Third advantage is many elliptical trainers do not require an electrical source. Treadmills are usually powered by electricity and require you to be near an outlet. This limits traditionally where you can keep an elliptical trainer since many homes do not have outlets disbursed and readily available.

On the other hand let's discuss some possible advantages of a treadmill over an elliptical trainer. Treadmills allow the user to run, walk or jog giving you a variety of workouts depending upon your skill and fitness level. Elliptical trainers on the other hand usually only give you a foreword and backwards workout motion somewhat limiting your workout routines.

Overall if you are trying to decide whether or not to buy an elliptical trainer or a treadmill I would honestly say I would have to choose the elliptical trainer. The no or little impact that the elliptical trainer provides is a major factor in my decision. Ask anybody who works out frequently and they will tell you the joint pain is commonly associated with workouts. Anything I can do to lessen this pain will be beneficial to me in the long run.

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