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The Ironman 520e Elliptical Trainer is an awesome piece of equipment the overall quality is amazing and it has a fairly reasonable price at around $799. Now you may think that is a little expensive but for a quality piece of equipment you should expect to pay at least this much.

Now you may be asking where can I get the best deal on this elliptical trainer?

Walmart sells this trainer for a reasonable price. You should be able to view the product at Walmart.com and get additional information.

If you are happy to get a decent price break and are not concerned about not having a warranty, then purchasing a slightly used one off of Ebay.com might be best for you.

If money is not a problem then I would suggest buying a new Ironman Trainer for the simple fact that you know what you are getting, it is fully backed by a one year warranty and you can call the company for any support issues. If you purchase this machine used then they have absolutely zero obligation to help you since you technically are not their direct customer.

I have read many product reviews for different pieces of fitness equipment and I am very picky as to what I actually buy. One of the keys to success when making a rather large purchase like this is to do proper research prior to buying. Consumers often buy first then research. This is completely wrong!

One of the best features that people have reported is the ability for this elliptical trainer to fold up, this is great if you live in a small house or apartment where space is at a premium.

In conclusion, although Ironman is known for there home gyms, the 520e Ironman Elliptical Trainer is a great piece of fitness equipment.

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