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Pace Yourself With A Home Workout Regime

Chickie Maxwell

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The fitness industry has seen tremendous growth in the last decade in part as a response to the unprecedented rise in overweight and obese individuals present in our society today. Besides the growth of commercial gyms, there has been a surge in home exercise equipment as well for people that don't have time to go to a gym or live close enough to one to make it worthwhile. Exercising at home can be a great advantage if you can keep up the motivation to do your workout every day and not be distracted instead by chores that need to be done or books that need to be read on the comfortable couch. The key to staying with a home workout regime is that you find what keeps you motivated and then set yourself at a good pace to get the results you are looking for without getting burned out.

A good home workout regime can involve exercise equipment that you have in your home or buy for the purpose of having a home gym. It can be as simple as a set of weights and a step platform to do a step aerobics video workout to, or elaborate as a weight lifting station with a companion treadmill or stationary bike to provide a fully rounded home workout regime. Whatever exercise equipment you decide to use in your workout area, they should be things that you will be inspired to use every day. Chose the things that you know you will look forward to doing and make the most of having them be part of your daily routine.

You need to set realistic goals to have a home workout regime that will work for you long term. You will set yourself up for failure if you try to lose too much weight too soon or go from couch potato to 5k racer in too short a time. Unrealistic goals will frustrate you and you may feel like giving up because you feel like what you want to accomplish is too far out of your reach. Set smaller, more achievable goals within your larger end result goal so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment when your home workout regime lets you reach important milestones and you will feel motivated to carry on.

Your home workout regime will be the most effective if it includes a weight training component for building muscle tone and fitness as well as an aerobic component for building cardiovascular fitness. There are good video workouts available from many excellent fitness instructors and it may be a good idea to incorporate one or two into a routine that is heavily into doing exercises alone with no input from an outside source. The best home workout regime will also include a healthy diet in conjunction with working out daily for the optimal results that you can achieve and will be further motivation to keep exercising after you have reached any weight loss and fitness level goals.

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