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Foot Issues and Arch Pain


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Arch insoles are a type of orthotic insert that specializes or has included within their design, a focus on the arch of the foot. The point of this is to compensate for people who have a low arch, also known as being flat footed, a high arch, or even a normal arch. People with a normal arch can still benefit from wearing arch insoles, particularly people who participate in sports or other physical activities. Now, for the other people who experience either high or low arch, they are the ones who benefit the most from wearing arch insoles.

For people who suffer from a low arch they have a distinct walking experience that can wind up with them having some moderate to severe pain over time. The feet are designed as a conduit to transfer the weight and energy from the body while walking or running into the ground. They do this thousands of times every day, and if there is a small issue while walking, it means that it is multiplied by thousands as time goes on. For a low arch, the foot transfers the weight into areas of the foot that are simply speaking not designed to carry it. As a result, those areas are worn quicker and can cause serious issues and pain.

Conversely, people who experience a high arch experience a similar, but at the same time, opposite experience. The foot is designed to carry the majority of the weight on the ball and the heel of the foot. However, it is not designed to carry all of the weight. Additionally, as the boned in the feet are arch so high, they put extreme amounts of strain on the joints and thus cause pain and suffering in the wearer. Furthermore, people who have a high arch are at a much higher risk of experiencing physical trauma as well.

Between the two conditions, and everything in between, arch insoles are an excellent product by which a person can relieve the pain of walking on a low or high arch, and even go to lengths to correct the issues. Even more than that, there are insoles that are of course mass produced that can be purchased quickly and cheaply, and there are custom made arch insoles that are more expensive, and yet provide significantly more protection for the individual while also supporting the foot against other issues that might be plaguing their feet.


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