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Custom Made Orthotics for Bunions


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There are many different possible causes of bunions and bunionettes, and they are oft debating among medical and scientific circles. However, most of them to some degree, contribute to the growth of hallux valgus in one form or another. In some cases it is the result of genetics, in other cases, poorly fitted shoes and general pressure over extended periods of time on the toes forcing them inward. However, there are a few methods out there to at least diminish the possibility of getting hallux valgus (as long as it is not genetic), wearing better fitted shoes, and wearing orthotics for bunions.

One of the classic causes and this is something that is actually rarely disputed, are high heel shoes. High heeled shoes are the cause of so many foot related problems, it would take until the end of time to discuss all of them. Despite the fact that they are so incredibly and undeniably bad for one’s health, people still wear them. So if one wants to avoid bunions, an easy preventative method would be to avoid high heels. The next step of course would be to wear better fitting shoes, and on top of that, orthotics for bunions.

In the better fitting shoe department, they work simply by fitting the foot better, obviously. There is less strain and stress on the foot and therefore there is less of chance of hallux valgus from forming. With respect to orthotics for bunions, the work on a similar level as the shoes. As insoles that are designed specifically to the dimensions of the person’s feet, they are molded to make sure that there are hardened structures in place that prevent the various parts of the foot from moving out of alignment, or alternative, they are designed to move them into alignment.

Essentially, the use of orthotics for bunions is the next logical step after purchasing a pair of better fitting shoes. Once again, not high heels, while there are orthotics available for high heels, they simply do not work at preventing bunions. The weight of the body forces the toes into a wedge position and once there, there is little that can help aside from corrective surgery. But back to the orthotics, they also serve to accomplish all kinds of other health benefits, such as preventing plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain, and even the funguses and bacteria that are the causes of foot odor and athlete’s foot.


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