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The Costs and Benefits of Custom Orthotics


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How are custom orthotics beneficial to people? Well, there are a variety of reasons for this, not the least of which is the simple medical improvements made by wearing them. Other helpful aspects include general pain and stress relief to the feet, improved walking gait and posture and, much to the pleasure of everyone around when the shoes come off, odor resistance. On top of all of that, the process to design and manufacture them has become cheaper and easier than ever, now making it not just affordable for all budgets, but easy to get in a hurry, should the need arise.

Custom orthotics derive their ability to help by the way they reallocate the weight of the body across the feet. Typically, a person will place all of the weight of their body on just a few contact points on the bottom of the feet. This is unfortunate, as having a limited number of places to carry all that weight, wears out those few points much faster than if it was carried across the entirety of the foot. Custom orthotics essentially turn the entire foot, one big contact point. This way, the weight and energy of the body is transferred to the ground more effectively and thus avoids causing undue strain on the foot’s muscles, bones, ligaments and so on.

Now, when it comes to helping actual medical conditions, custom orthotics will compensate for any deficiencies that may occur throughout one’s life or even genetic disorders. It will do so with the same basic premise as it does with one’s weight. By being formed in various dimensions, the insoles will pick up the slack where the various parts of the foot’s structure are deficient and in so doing, relive the stress associated with that condition.

Now, when it comes to the actual cost, there have been significant improvements in the design and manufacture of custom orthotics. By streamlining the process, digitizing it, the cost of producing them has been significantly reduced. There are no more molds, no more unnecessary instances of shipping, and doctor’s visits. With the elimination of all of these redundant systems, the cost, naturally drops. Previously, custom orthotics can run up to several hundred dollars, however, with new technologies like image recognition algorithms, three dimensional printers and smartphones, the price has dropped to less than fifty bucks. Now, that is how custom orthotics helps and are beneficent to people.


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