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Changing time and Methods with Orthotics


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There are not that many things to consider when buying orthotics. In the past, perhaps yes, a lengthy process involving molds, doctor’s visits and weeks of shipping and handling awaited anyone who was interested in buying custom orthotics. However now, those methods are a thing of the past and there really is no need to concern oneself with so many different aspects of the design and manufacturing process. Instead, the only thing anyone needs to care about when ordering orthotics, is how comfortable their feet are going to feel in a just a matter of days, because that’s how long it’s going to take for them to arrive in the mail.

In the past, the customer needed to provide a whole heap worth of effort to provide the insole company with the dimensions necessary to design the person’s insoles. This is an interesting proposition, have the customer do all of the work for you, and then help them out after they have paid a boatload of money to do your work. This is a pretty good business model for a time, but as technology advances, it certainly becomes more apparent that such methods must end. It is now possible to have the customer do practically nothing and spend little in order to receive a quality product.

This is at first glance fairly counter intuitive. The customer pays less, and the manufacturer has to do more work, and still provides the same quality product? How does this work? Well, the answer to that is “technology. ” While it might not make our lives easier, it certainly allows us to do more things in less time. Orthotics are made quicker, easier and more efficiently through methods that include tech such as image recognition algorithms, smartphones and three dimensional printers. These make previous methods obsolete and bring the cost down for everyone (manufacturer included).

All the customer needs to do now is submit three photos of their feet from different angles, and those precious commodities known as “computers” can take the images and develop a digital model of the feet. That model is then printed out on a three dimensional printer and used to make the person’s custom orthotics . Pretty much, the individual just takes a few pictures, does a normal online bill pay, and a little over a week later, those orthotics arrive in the mail. No more molds, no more doctor’s visits, and in a third of the time.


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Orthotics: What to Expect
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