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Orthotics, Insoles, Orthopedics, and You


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There are quite a few benefits that are available from buying orthotics. There are medical, comfort and even odor related bonuses that people experience from wearing custom insoles. Furthermore, considering the cost of a typical insoles, and the fact that they are significantly well equipped as a preventative measure for future medical issues, they are a secure investment. Finally, both doctors and podiatrists very often suggest that their patients buy orthotics. They are keenly aware of the fact that custom insoles are great for their own practice. Medical professionals and physical therapists are completely aware of the preventative measures associated with custom insoles.

When it comes to physical therapy, almost every time, it is suggested that the individual buy orthotics. Since they encourage good posture and a more efficient walking and running gait, they are beneficial for teaching an individual who has suffered some kind of trauma how to walk and move again. Furthermore, if the individual has simply suffered from disorders and other issues related to the legs and feet for a lengthy period of time, custom insoles and other orthotics can serve to counter the negative effects that have been subjected to the various joints, muscles and bones.

Moreover, it is now cheaper than ever to buy orthotics. The entire process has been digitized and as a result, the costs have been dropped significantly. Previously, molds were required in order to derive the individual’s foot dimensions for use in designing the insoles. The molds needed to be shipped back and forth between the manufacturer and the customer. This process required both time and money in order to accomplish, however with the process becoming digitized, that is no longer the case. All one needs to do now is take a few photos of their feet and submit them online. After that, image recognition algorithms can derive the dimensions of the individual’s feet, all without the need for shipping and physical molds.

Finally, without the molds and the cost of shipping, the entire process is cheapened. The quality remains the same, if not more so than with an actual mold. A person is able to accomplish the entire task on their own, and without the need for complicated instructions or a doctor’s assistance. If one wants to buy orthotics , all they need to do is pick up their smartphone or digital camera, snap off a few photos and submit them to the manufacturer’s website.


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Difference Between Orthotics and Prosthetics
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