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How to find Custom Made Insoles


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Custom made insoles are rapidly becoming the go to product for solving a whole variety of foot health issues. Even more than that, they can positively affect issues related to the ankles, knees, hips and even back. Humans are designed in a vertical layout, therefore, with all of the weight placed on the feet, anything that occurs on top of them is significantly affected. If the feet are having issues, or if the joints and bones are out of alignment, the body will compensate for it. For instance the issue known as overpronation is a direct result of misalignment in the feet.

Custom made insoles prevent issues like overpronation. What occurs in overpronation is when the weight of the body is transferred unevenly across the foot. This causes the leg itself to compensate and in many cases bow in one direction or the other. The bowing itself then can cause issues in the knees. Having the angle of the legs bending outward can cause the cartilage to wear more quickly and encourage painful inflammation. From here the effects are transferred upward into the hips. With the legs bending in the wrong direction, the hips to are being used outside of their normal parameters. Finally, with hip issues, the spine itself is affected. It will bend itself to compensate for the unequal weight distribution and can cause even more issues as well.

So from here one can witness how a simply alteration in the way an individual simply steps on the ground can aversely effect the entire body. There are numerous aches and pains that are actually altered or made worse by problems with the feet that can be easily treated with custom made insoles. In addition to all of that, they also provide several other much appreciated benefits to the wearer.

Custom insoles are designed with EVA foam. That foam, placed in a variety of densities and layers has the added benefit of being able to disperse or absorb moisture. This is nice in and of itself, however the added bonus to that is it reduces foot odor. The bacterium that causes foot order actually thrives in warm, moist environments, just as is present inside one’s shoes. By removing one of the elements that encourages the health of those bacteria, custom made insoles are great sources of reducing if not eliminating foot odor. Isn’t it about time then to look into custom made insoles ?


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