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Buying Orthotics Online and Other Orthopedics


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The process that people take to buy orthotics online has changed a lot over the years. In the past, it all really began with a consultation with a doctor. They might provide a contact point for the individual to seek out where they could procure a pair of orthotic insoles. After that, either another meeting is required with the doctor or a podiatrist, or over time, a kit was sent to the individual where they could take a mold of their feet and ship it back to the manufacturer. This mold was required to provide them with the necessary measurements for the manufacturer to shape the insoles specifically to the individual’s feet. Today however, quite a few things have changed.

If a person tries to buy insoles online now, they are no longer subjected to a process whose only online aspect it the transferring of their hard earned cash. Advancements in technology in fields like smartphones, image recognition and three dimensional printing have now made it possible to go from step one, to stepping into one’s insoles without ever moving more than a finger. For instance, image recognition technology is now capable of rendering onto a computer, models of things like say, a pair of feet. Furthermore, the advancement of cameras on smartphones now have the capacity to take pictures of a high enough quality that they can be used by image recognition to make those necessary designs. Finally, three dimensional printers can take that rendering and print up the necessary components to manufacture a truly custom made insole.

This sounds much more like a process relating to when we buy orthotics online. The online part is no longer limited to just clicking “pay. ” A person can sit on their most favorite couch, or perhaps even at the kitchen table, snap a few photos of their feet and then send them off to the manufacturer. No messy molds, no lengthy process of driving to and meeting doctors or podiatrists. The process is all online, and even more so than that, it is accomplished via one’s smartphone.

There is no more sense in having so many physical processes associated to buy orthotics online. The entire method can and has been changed to an online experience that is genuinely electronic. The future of insoles technology is bright, it is easy and finally it is entirely electronic. So go ahead, buy orthotics online .


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The Benefits of Insoles and how to Buy Orthotics
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