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Overpronation and How I learned to Stop Worrying with Custom Insoles


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Overpronation can be a genuinely difficult condition to be afflicted by. It causes a variety of joint pain from the feet all the way up to the hips, and can exacerbate any issues the individual may already have concerning their arch, or in fact develop arch related issues. Overpronation occurs when the individual in question steps and their weight transfers mostly from the lateral side of their foot unevenly toward the hallux (big toe), where the hallux carries a disproportionate amount of weight from the individual. This causes the entirety of the leg to actually bend inwards at the knee. This can result in pain along the joints and affect the individual’s ability to walk and run.

As mentioned before, overpronation can also serve to aggravate any foot arch related issues the individual may be having issues with. As a result of the disproportionate weight being placed on the hallux, or rather the inside portion of the foot closest to the toes, the person’s arch can go so far as to actually “collapse” under the strain. This can become an extremely painful situation and is a strong candidate for causing other conditions like plantar fasciitis. A good indication to determine whether or not the individual is overpronating is to visually observe the condition of the person’s shoes. If the shoes are worn more so on the inside where the toes are located, disproportionately more than the rest of the shoe, then the individual is likely overpronating.

Simple custom insoles are a cheap and effective way at combating both the effects of and the condition itself of overpronation . Custom orthotic insoles take into account the structural designs of the individual’s foot, and redistribute the weight of the body across the most sound contact points, in addition to the remainder of the foot. In this way, the weight is more evenly distributed across the foot and prevents it from settling on a certain area. In the case of overpronation, the weight is taken off of the hallux and can, in time, reverse the effects on the knees and hips of the affected individual.

Custom orthotic insoles are a cheap alternative to all kinds of invasive procedures meant to cure issues that can be done in by other means. They solve a wide variety of issues for a fraction of a fraction of the price necessary to treat them separately. Isn’t it about time to look into it further?


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