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Why Walking Posture is Important


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Good posture is important for nearly every aspect of human health. It may be somewhat counter intuitive to think so, however, when the body is standing and walking in the most efficient and well-designed process as possible, the rest of the body follows suit and works toward its utmost potential. Walking posture is important in its own context as well. For essentially the same reasons, good walking posture encourages the joints and muscles in the feet, legs and even back to operate more efficiently. Sadly, not everyone’s feet are naturally designed to work in the most effective way possible.

This is where custom insoles can be applied to help assist in encouraging positive walking style. Posture is important in ways that can be so helpful to assisting the body, it’s almost comical. Custom insoles are designed to redistribute the weight of the body along the bottom of the foot and as a result, serve to realign the joints and bones in a manner that encourages good posture. As a result, the person wearing them is able to go farther and stronger than ever before. The comfort level afforded to the individual is heightened so significantly that the rest of the functions the individual is involved in are improved as well.

Previously, custom insoles have been a messy and lengthy affair. Now, because posture is important , and we all want to make sure we walk, sit and stand with good posture, people have tolerated the frustrating process of buying custom orthotic insoles. Now however, that process is easier, and cleaner, than ever. 3D Soles has developed a method that avoids all of that messy procedure and in turn, half the time. They have done so through the advancement of digital image recognition and the application of three dimensional printing.

Here at 3D Soles, we understand that posture is important. As a result, we are committed to providing the best possible custom designed orthopedic insoles on the market while making it the most painless affair possible. We discovered that as the cameras and capability of smartphones increased over the years, our ability to derive information from them has in turn increased. We can now make a digital model of the exact geometry of a person’s foot, just from images submitted via their smartphones. No more messy molds, no more having to go to the doctor to help, just a chair, a piece of paper, and your phones.


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TMD and Its Relationship to Posture
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