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Benefits of Insoles for Walking


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Generally, walking can be one of the best and is by far the most available method of exercise and maintaining good health. Insoles for walking help to promote good posture and also prevent all sort of medical problems and alleviates joint and foot pain. On average, the typical person takes between three to seven thousand steps every day. It is suggested by most medical professionals and fitness experts that for good health, a person should take approximately ten thousand steps every day. With this amount of walking though, it can be expected that a certain amount of pain and stress is exhibited upon the feet.

Insoles for walking help to mitigate if not remove entirely the pain associated with extensive walking. They do so by adding more contact points for which the foot can tread upon while taking every step. What does this mean exactly? Well, the entire weight of the human body rests on only a few contact points to the ground, typically the ball, heel and part of the outer arch. With the introduction of custom insoles, the foot then is resting on practically the entirety of the foot, while still maintaining integrity on the most structurally sound portions.

As a result, rather than, let’s say 150 pounds resting on three points of the foot at fifty pounds per point, the weight of the body is redistributed across the entirety of the foot. Now this is an arbitrarily picked number, but if this process doubles the amount of contact points for the foot, that means that each point, instead of carrying fifty pounds, now carries twenty five pounds. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that carrying twenty five pounds is much easier than carrying fifty pounds. This is why custom insoles can be so effective at relieving stress.

Insoles for walking are a cheap and easy product to buy that helps with foot pain so immensely, it is almost absurd that everyone doesn’t have one for their everyday life. Now that 3D Soles has removed the steps associated with the lengthiest parts of the procurement process, it is easier than ever! No more messy molds, no more waiting weeks for the mold to arrive at the manufacturer and then be returned after being formed, it is all done in the comfort of wherever the individual feels like taking off their shoes. At this point buying insoles for walking is an easy and simple task.


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