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Custom Orthotic and Orthopedic Insoles


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There is essentially no difference between the phrases custom orthotic insoles and custom insoles, aside from the addition of the word orthotic. In reality, they for all intents and purposes mean the same thing, and there is nothing really wrong with that. Now, with that discussion out of the way, we can focus our attention on the benefits of custom orthotic insoles on the human body rather than just the vocabularly. Not that we haven’t discussed this before, but inserts for one’s shoes are designed to make it easier to walk around and simply move, in day to day motion.

Custom orthotic insoles do this by adding another layer of padding/protection between the user’s feet and the floor. There is the rubber on the shoe, the shoe’s guts, and then the custom orthotic insole. That’s an extra, and this is an educated guess, 30% of protection? In any event, by wearing custom orthotic insoles a person is able to relieve all kinds of problems that people suffer from, generally speaking , with regard to foot issues.

General foot pain, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and a whole host of others. Custom orthotic insoles do this by taking all of the weight that is previously placed on unusual places of the foot, and reallocates it across a more logical division of the base of the foot. It is here in which custom orthotic insoles make their mark on the market, so to speak. Areas that were previously overused or relaxed, and other points of contact are then used to a more efficeint percentage.

There are numerous places on the internet that offer such products, like custom orthotic insoles and other sports related insoles, and these companies are in a good position to provide pain relief to a lot of people. Futhermore, with the introduction of numerous new methods at developing custom made accessories, that is to say, computer recognition technology, and smartphones, it is easier than ever to acquire custom orthotic insoles.

All it takes now is several photos taken on one's smartphone and submitted to the appropriate website's servers. From there, the images are analyzed and the individual geometry of the person's foot is then used to develop their new custom orthotic insoles .


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