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Why Should You Incorporate Pilates Into Your Lifestyle?


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Fitness has become an important element of life in today’s time. This is because serious diseases are on the rise. Gone are the days when life-threatening diseases would affect people only after a certain age. Now-a-days, you can become the victim of a critical disease even when you are young and seemingly healthy. Obesity can be said to be one of the primary causes of such severe ailments. That is why it has become so much important to remain fit and prevent those extra kilos from piling up on your body.

When it comes to fitness, exercise is undoubtedly the healthiest option. There are different forms of exercises and each comes with its unique set of features and benefits. Among the most popular ones, pilates is very helpful in achieving a fit and healthy body. It is primarily an exercise form that focuses on the body’s balanced development by increasing core strength and flexibility. Let us see how you can benefit from it:

  1. Whole-Body Exercise: One good thing about this form of exercise is that it does not focus on only some areas of your body ignoring others. It views your body in totality and works towards developing core strength.
  2. Adaptability: This fitness program is easily adaptable. Whether you are a beginner just starting out or someone well-versed in it, you can expect to get acquainted with it easily and reap its benefits effectively. It has an integrative approach towards mind and body and focuses on proper alignment. Moreover, it can be modified to suit your needs and requirements making it one of the most adaptable forms of exercise.
  3. Strength: Strength can be of two types. One is for show where you have beefy muscles which look daunting but does not have enough power and force. The other is real power which comes from toned muscles. Pilates helps you build such muscles which are strong in the real sense of the term. This is mainly done through a process known as eccentric contraction which is nothing but a form of muscle contraction.
  4. Flexibility: This can be achieved more effectively if you combine it with vibration training. Vibro pilates is essentially a fitness exercise which assimilates the best of both worlds thereby enhancing the process of attaining flexibility and weight loss. In it, the joints and muscles are stretched sufficiently with the purpose of strengthening the body and making it more supple and lithe.
  5. Relief from Back Pain: One of the main reasons for back pain is faulty posture. This is treated by pilate exercises by addressing the muscle imbalances responsible for causing back pain. Thus you get relief from backaches and related problems.

Thus, you can see this exercise type can contribute significantly towards a healthy body. For more effect, you can add whole body vibration to it since vibro pilates have certain added advantages. It is important to bring in some healthy changes into your lifestyle and incorporating pilates exercises can be the first step towards that direction.

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