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How Malnutrition Can Be Prevented In Dogs Using Good Food For Dogs


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Many pet owners believe that malnutrition is the condition only seen in street dogs which are poor fed, but in truth there are many dogs which are malnourished due to the ignorance of the owner regarding the need for healthy food for dogs. Though the owners intentionally not feed their pet with low quality food, in certain cases the owners fail to understand what the nutrient needs of the animal are. Malnutrition in pets can lead to severe health problems which will lead you to spend more money for their treatment. So, it is better to approach a veterinarian if you suspect that your dog is suffering from malnutrition problem.

It is necessary for a dog owner to know how to feed a dog to prevent the chances of malnutrition. Most common cause of the malnutrition in dogs is the improper supply of nutrients in the food. Feeding the dog with too many treats as well as feeding them with leftover food can lead to malnutrition. Hence it is very important that you feed the dog with a diet that contain proper amount of necessary nutrients. It is necessary to select pet food available in the market that contains more of nutrients and less of grains. Eating large quantities of food will not prevent malnutrition. You have to provide the dog with needed quantity of food rich in nutrients instead. Never choose a cheaper brand of dog food that may contain bone meal, animal fat etc. your veterinarian may be able to guide you in selecting the right nutritive food for your dog according to the physical condition of the dog. you can depend on the pet food delivery services to get the best branded food for your dog.

Another option to provide good and nutritive food is to give homemade food. Make sure that the home made food provide the necessary supply of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, fiber and anti- oxidants to keep your pet healthy, strong and active.

The symptoms of malnutrition includes extremely thin body, trouble in digestion, frequent passing of gas, hair loss, vomiting bile, less energy, depression, and neurotic behavior. The malnourished dogs will be more susceptible to illness. If your dog develops any of these symptoms it is better to consult your veterinarian and make necessary changes in the diet of the dog. To make your dog healthy add natural homemade food to their diet. You can add fresh food like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese etc to the dog food once in awhile to provide the nutrients and anti- oxidants. Providing the dog with healthy food for dogs and supplementing it with fresh foods will help the dog to fight malnutrition. Always keep a watch ful eye on your dog to find out the symptoms of malnutrition or any other problem and consult with the veterinarian if the symptoms persist for more than one day. Remember, “Prevention is better than cure” is applicable to pets also.

One of the big benefits your pet will enjoy when you begin feeding them organic pet food is that this food will provide better nutrition using healthy, holistic and natural ingredients. If you think you can pick out the best food for dogs by reading the labels, you need to think again.


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