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Features That Benefit Training With the Garmin Forerunner 110


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For you runners and bikers out their who have not yet taken the plunge and picked up the Garmin Forerunner 110 Sports GPS Watch, I want to share with you how much the Garmin Forerunner 110 has helped me with my training recently. Inside this article I will share with you the features that benefits me the most.

First I want to share with you a quick back story. I have not always been a runner, as a matter of fact at one point in my life you could not have paid me to run for fun or exercise. But a few short months back, I was at a routine check up. Bam the doctor walks and ask me, “Forest, do you know how high your blood pressure is?" Feeling perfectly find I simply replied it must be around normal levels because I feel fine. Little did I know my blood pressure was a whopping 190/130(severe hypertension). I didn't think much of it at the time, I figured I was going threw my college finals around that time, I wasn't eating properly, and wasn’t getting much sleep. Fast forward a month later from that time and bam, my blood pressure is still threw the roof. The doctor started saying stuff like your going to have to be on medication the rest of your life and your at risk for coronary artery disease etc. I didn't want to hear any of that. I left the doctors office that day knowing what my problem was. Ever since I graduated high school I did absolutely nothing good to my body. No exercise, didn't care what I ate, and even did a few drugs. From that day forward I decided that I was going to become a runner. I mean why not it's cheap, doesn't cost an arm a leg to get started, and its a big part of what I needed to do to try and control this out of control blood pressure of mines.

Okay I know I said a short story so I will cut if off right their, I am sure you guys get the idea I was trying to express if you read all of that.

Now let's get down to the features of the Garmin Forerunner 110 that benefits me the most when I am running or training.

Heart Rate Monitor

Given my current situation, the heart rate monitor sure does come on handy. It shows your current heart rate right their on the display. It is also recorded and available to look at on the Garmin Connect website once you upload it from the watch. It gives your heart rate of time interval and is very accurate. I like to keep my heart working at a certain pace while I am running and this makes it easier to know what it going on. It let's me know if I need to pick up the pace or slow down a little.

Garmin Connect

Inside this website is simply amazing. It has everything you need if you are a beginning runner or a serious trainer preparing for a 25 k. Me right now my training schedule is to run 3 miles a day 5 days out the week. Logging onto this website lets me know if I am reaching my goals. Simply select the date from the menu which day you ran and that’s it. You can see your exact route you ran, how long it took you to complete your run, your heart rate average during your run(smile), calories you burned during the run and more.

So their you have it, as of right now these are the 2 best benefits of that Garmin Forerunner 110 is providing me at the moment. It does way more than this but right now where I am at in my life, I love it for these features.

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Your Life Can Really Benefit From Some Physical Fitness Training
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