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Jerrod Hans

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Just once the fitness magazine industry is apparently saturated, along comes yet another magazine devoted to exercise, health, and nutrition. This really is great news - we welcome more choices. Even better, fitness magazines are getting to be more specialized, so you have a good chance of finding a magazine that talks to you. There's at least one fitness magazine to suit all types of exerciser: expectant women, African American women, men in their 30s, walkers, swimmers, runners, cyclists, yoga practitioners, and cooking enthusiasts who want to be fit.

However the stiff competition makes some magazines resort to underhanded marketing tactics, including sensational headlines, misleading articles, and uninformed writers. Ask a trainer or fitness-minded friend for magazine recommendations. Also, remember the following tips for judging the fitness information you read in magazines.

Check out specialty magazines

You're very likely to get good fitness information from magazines that specialize in fitness than from general-interest or magazines on beauty that mix in a good intermittent exercise article. This isn't a hard-and-fast rule: Some mainstream magazines run perfectly good fitness stories, and some fitness magazines run perfectly lousy ones. But women's fashion and wonder magazines are notorious for unrealistic promises like “Permanent Weight Loss! An Excellent Three-Week Plan. "

Be especially watchful about magazine pieces that offer fitness advice from celebrities; like a movie star doesn't cause you to an exercise expert.

Avoid sensational headlines

Stay away from magazines whose cover lines seem much too good to be true, such as “Drop 9 7 Days" the fitness equivalent of “Elvis lives. " And when the fitness article is alongside a story about Burt Reynolds’ ghost having
a secret rendezvous with a two-headed man, you're probably not receiving your information from the right source. Tabloid rags have caught on to the fact that the American public is enthusiastic about weight loss, so what's an additional story about an alien diet or psychics predicting the regimens that work?

Even reputable fitness magazines run misleading headlines to draw in readers. Suzanne wrote an article for a health magazine debunking the myth that abdominal training methods can present you with a flat midsection. Nevertheless the magazine ran a headline that directly contradicted Suzanne's story: “A Flat Tummy in five Minutes a Day. "


We're glad daily papers have moved up their fitness coverage, such as the use the dailies as your only way to obtain fitness information. Newspaper reporters are usually very responsible about attributing information to experts. The catch is, given the reporters’ tight deadlines, they generally have no choice but to interview the first available expert, who may not necessarily be the best expert (and may not be an expert in any respect). Magazine writers sometimes encounter this matter, too.

Also, newspaper reporters tend to be jack-of-all-trades types who might possibly not have the fitness experience to differentiate a real expert from a charlatan. Only the largest newspapers are able to afford to have reporters who cover the fitness beat exclusively.

Although magazine articles are written three to six months before publication, they're often more up-to-date than newspapers. Many newspapers get their exercise ideas from reading fitness magazines. So, if you want articles about fitness trends, methods of training, and workout equipment, mainstream fitness magazines are generally better sources than daily papers.

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