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Abdominal Exercise has Gone the Electro Stimulation Route

Chickie Maxwell

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In gyms and fitness centers everywhere there are people working on machines and performing abdominal exercises to tighten and firm the muscles for a sleek, six-pack muscle look and feel. Many people begin a workout regimen because they feel the middle portion of their bodies have gotten flabby and unattractive. There are hundreds of abdominal rollers, twisters, rockers and manipulators all promising lean, sexy abdominals. Most of them are sitting in the corner after a few weeks of useless results.

Firmer Abs with Electro Stimulation

The latest sensation promising results without having to resort to uncomfortable abdominal exercises such as crunches is the electro stimulation belts. These belts are based on the principle of the stimulators used by many medical rehabilitation facilities that use electric stimulation to keep muscles from atrophying when patients are immobile. The electrodes in the muscle stimulators contract muscles and keep the muscles active even when a person is not able to move.

A person wears these specially constructed abdominal belts that come with gel pads strategically positioned inside the belt to target the central abdominal and oblique muscles. The belt sends electric stimulation signals to the nerves which then branch out to all the stomach muscles causing contractions so all the muscles are stimulated naturally and safely.

These muscle stimulation belts do the work while the person wearing them goes about their daily routines such as watching television, washing dishes or even while at work. Finding time to exercise or go to the gym is no longer an issue. The entire abdominal area gets a working from the upper and lower abs to the side oblique muscles. The person wearing the belt will obtain stronger, firmer and toned abdominal muscles without having to do uncomfortable abdominal exercises such as crunches or working for hours on fitness equipment. The manufacturers of the electro stimulation belts even claim that they are effective at burning fat as well as toning the body.

No More Abdominal Exercises

The abdominal electro stimulation belts are great for the mid-section, but can also be used on other parts of the body. They can be wrapped around the buttocks, inner and outer thighs and even around the chest area. The concept of stimulating muscles works on all parts of the body, not just the abdominal muscles. The belt can even be wrapped around the upper and lower back area, and women like to use it on their upper arm area to get tone the triceps area.

Abdominal exercises can cause strain on the neck and muscle shoulders as well as cause injury to other muscles if not performed correctly. With the abdominal electro stimulation belts there is no worry about stress or strain to any part of the body, as the belt does all the work. The muscles are stimulated the same way medical and rehabilitation facilities utilize electric stimulation to keep muscles toned for bed-ridden or incapacitated patients. These medical results are clinically proven to work, and the abdominal electro stimulation belts work along the same principles.

The electro stimulation belts are lightweight, easy to carry and safe to use anywhere any time.

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