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Suction Unit – Some Facts about it


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Suction unit, as the name suggests is a device that drains a fluid or gas between two regions having differential pressures. Any liquid has the tendency to move to a region of low pressure. This law forms the base for a suction unit to work. A suction unit creates a partial vacuum and draws the fluid or gas to this region of partial vacuum.

A very typical example for suction unit is the centrifugal pumps that we use in our daily life. A Pump has an inlet which forms the low pressure suction side, and an outlet which discharges the fluid.

Suction unit is a medical tool that drains fluids from body by creating partial vacuum. Common usage of the Suction Unit include, respiratory system – remove moist cough or removing any other materials obstructing the patient to breathe, Gastric issues – removing unwanted fluids from stomach known gastric suction, surgical operations – to remove blood from the area being operated so that surgeons can view and work on the part of the body and other purposes.

Suction unit consists of:

Vacuum pump – which creates the vacuum for sucking the fluid.

Vacuum gauge – which controls the flow of vacuum in to the area of body.

Filter – This filters the entire setup from getting into bacterial infection.

Suction nozzle – which is used for sucking the fluid from the body.

These suction units are capable of running on AC or DC or battery or through mechanic hand pumps.

Some of the best practices while using a suction unit is cleaning or washing the unit with warm water.

Major manufacturers of suction unit include Supreme Enterprises, Uttar Pradesh, India. Some of their product ranges dealing with suction units are TOP Suction unit, SS Suction unit, ABS Suction unit, Electric cum foot, Ward Care Suction, Liposuction unit, High Vacuum Suction, MTP Suction units, High-Flow Suction, High-Speed Suction, Surgical Suction unit, Portable Suction unit, Battery Suction unit, AC/DC Suction unit, Manual Suction unit and other suction unit accessories including Silicone Cup, Safety Jars, Suction Cannula, Silicon PVC Tube, Foot Switch.

Top suction unit is one of the majorly used electric suction units. TOP Suction unit is manufactured using Powder Coated MS Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top. The pump used is otary Vane Type Vacuum Pump. It uses a 76mm vacuum gauge to control the vacuum. TOP Suction unit is also got ISI Marked, ISO: 13485, WHO-GMP Certification. This is ideal for MTP / medical / surgical procedures.

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