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Iron Gym Xtreme Workouts


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Looking to build muscle quickly and easily? The Iron Gym Xtreme is just what you have been looking for! The additional grips on the Iron Gym Xtreme help you to build and tone even more effectively. The various grips help to work different parts of your back, biceps, shoulders, triceps, and chest. The ability to then use the workout bar on the floor for better sit-ups and push-ups helps to work the previously mentioned muscle groups as well as the abdominals. This bar allows you to work a plethora of muscles for a great upper body workout right in your own home.

The primary workouts are pull-ups or chin-ups. A chin-up involves pulling yourself up with your arms straight and palms facing toward you until your chin passes the bar. A pull-up involves the same only with your palms facing away from you, which is considered more difficult.

A second use for the workout bar involves sit-up, push-ups, and tricep dips. In a sit-up, you use the bar to anchor your feet and lie with your back straight and feet flat. You then proceed to place your hands across your chest or behind and lift until you reach a ninety degree angle while contracting your abdominal muscles. A push-up requires keeping your palms flat on the floor, shoulder width apart, while lifting yourself until your elbows reach a ninety degree angle. The Iron Gym workout bar allows you to hold onto the bar so that your arms remain in the proper position or to keep your feet stable. The workout bar can also be used to hold your feet stable while doing a tricep dip. The tricep dip involves holding on to a bench or table while facing away from it. You ensure that your butt is relatively even to the bench or chair with arms straightened, though elbows slightly bent. You then bend at the elbows and lower yourself toward the ground until your arms reach approximately a ninety degree angle.

Pull-ups, chin-ups, tricep dips, and push-ups all work the biceps and triceps when lifting yourself above the bar while keeping your arms straight or pushing and lifting your body weight from the ground or a bench/chair. The five grips available on the Iron Gym Xtreme workout bar allow you to build a variety of muscles throughout your back, shoulders, and chest. The numerous uses also allow you to work your abdominals muscles. Continued use of the Iron Gym Xtreme workout bar then helps to tone your muscles as well as build endurance, specifically in the upper body.


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