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Cycling Your Way to Overall Fitness With the Use of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Jerome Schulze

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Many people underrate the advantage of having recumbent exercise bike because of the many exercise equipments that are offered in the market today. Since recumbent exercise bike is the conventional equipment used for fitness purposes, lots of people do succumb to the notion that they are outdated. Nevertheless, they forget the fact that bikes contribute enjoyment, consistency, and it is a logical way of fitness to attain a healthy body.
Although stationary, recumbent exercise bike is similar to riding an outdoor bicycle.

It renders a great exercise for the hearts, lower extremities and torso. This equipment can be used at any time convenient for the user and is beneficial than running and walking. Stationary bikes are normally adjustable when it comes to resistance and speed.

Most of the equipments under this kind also come with built-in and programmed cardio monitor.
Furthermore, cardio exercise apparatus is comparably affordable when it comes to prices and designs as compared to any other machines. Having stationary bikes at home will free you from chasing dogs, bad climate and traffic. Exercising will be under your whims and caprices. You can do it conveniently in the four corners of your home while watching your favorite TV program or reading magazines or books.
Kinds of Stationary Bikes
Upright Standard recumbent exercise bike.

This kind of recumbent exercise bike is either single or double action types. If you want to work on the upper torso and toss away grams of calories, then dual action types will suit you. Dual bike works well for person who has restricted intensity for exercising, such as persons who just got out from leg or hip injury treatments.

Arms are intensified during the workout with lesser works for the legs.
Recumbent Bikes. Also known as bent, recumbent bicycles are models of bikes that is literally bent or laid back.

The user's body will be in a reclining stance, hence pulling pressure out from the rear areas. Many users found this bike uncomfortable at first. Usually, these bikes have huge chair.

Due to a reclined position, bent bikes will work on the muscles in the abdomen. Good balance is also achieved because the gravity is geared on the core. According to doctors, these kinds of bikes are recommended for people who problems on their back and for those having diseases that are related to cerebral palsy. Your feet are placed nearer to the heart that also keeps the low pressure of the blood and a safe exercising regimen.
Trendy Types and Prices
Speed and distance are evaluated when using recumbant exercise bike . Most economy models come with a combination of tachometer or odometer and have designs that uses flywheel for resistance purposes. Models like these cost $200. This will suit beginners who are tight on budget and this can be bought in online and local stores near you.
Standard recumbent exercise bike models, on one hand, come with great features that are programmable and will measure the heart rate and resistance. For quieter and smooth resistance, magnetic ones are preferred. Price ranges from $200 to $1500 and are offered in wide arrays of selections.


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