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In Vitro Fertility for Solving Infertility Issues


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In vitro fertilization is medically referred to the treatment of reproductive complication by which it is diagnosed the reason behind a married couple not becoming father or mother of a baby. To elaborate the term, when a married couple even after one year of their marital life doesn’t have a baby then it is assumed that one of the couple or both are the victim of infertility syndromes. Both male and female factors are responsible for infertility syndromes. Infertility syndromes are medical conditions in which the body of both male and female fails to reproduce baby.

Male are said to be affected with infertility problems when they are diagnosed having weak sperms or less amount of sperms than required. On the other hand, the women are said to be affected with infertility problem when their ovary systems fail to respond to the sperm received from male genitals during *** intercourse.

With in vitro fertilization endless married couples realized their dream of having babies. The procedure of fertilization is safe and every effective especially on the woman of 35 age. The salient benefit achieved by the fertilization is that the married couple is able to have baby of their own. Though the couples have to undergo some fertility procedures at IVF clinics and under doctor’s supervision, they eventually experience better results once the procedure is done.

Fertility treatment involves some medical procedures such as surgical procedure and insemination. In vitro fertilization is carried in four steps like. . .

Ovarian Stimulation and Monitoring

This is the procedure in which the patient undergoes IVF process according to which, the number of eggs present in the ovarian of women are fertilized by injecting hormones. Such type of testing should be done under doctor’s supervision to ensure constant ovarian response thereby allowing the doctor to adjust time for medication dosage.

Egg (Ovum) Retrieval

In this form of fertility procedure, the specialists take out mature eggs through ultrasound guidance from the patient’s body by keeping her under sedation. Egg retrieval is an easy procedure that takes normally less than 15 minutes in completion. After the procedure is over, patients can resume their works next day.

Culture and Fertilization

This sort of fertility procedure is done by embryologists. They fertilize the eggs with sperm in a lab. In some cases, when the patient doesn’t have sufficient sperm, the patient is injected intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Embryo Transfer

In this form of fertility procedure the healthy and mature embryos are replaced back to the uterus of lady patient for the purpose of implantation in the uterine wall. The procedure doesn’t need patient to put on sedation. All the procedures are carried through the ultrasound guidance.

IVF clinics are very important places where safe fertilization are executed by the medical experts thereby giving the patients relief from infertility disorders. To meet the exact demand of fertility problems patients should visit at Mexico fertility center that provides one stop shop solution for safe and expert fertility treatment.


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