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Treadmill Life Information You NEED to Know About Before Using a Treadmill

Jonathan D Hunt

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It's a well known fact that walking is a great form of exercise. It not only improves fitness, it's also a great way to lose weight. There are many advantages to using a treadmill over walking or running on the road, the chief one being convenience.

With a treadmill you can exercise in the comfort of your own home or local gym without having to worry about what the unreliable weather is doing! It can also be far more convenient, allowing you to watch TV or be around your family. In addition it is far more comfortable, with less ‘pounding’ than walking or running outside; there is a lessened chance of injury or strain. This is because treadmills are sprung and more shock absorbent than a road or pavement.

The health benefits from treadmill exercise are staggering. The obvious benefit is that it will help with weight and fat loss, especially if done alongside a healthy diet change. This alone is normally enough persuasion for most people. However, there are extra benefits, such as improving your heart which lowers the chance of stroke or heart disease. Walking regularly can also prevent osteoporosis, which makes bones porous and more prone to fracture; using a treadmill counters this by increasing your bone density.

Using a treadmill can be quite a relaxing experience once you get into it, helping to relieve all the stresses of the day. In addition it is a great way to get a better night's sleep. In the same vein, regular exercise will boost energy levels throughout the day and give you the drive you need to succeed in all areas of life.

It does not matter how experienced you are with fitness equipment, you can use a treadmill. Unlike other equipment that can be difficult, or dangerous if used improperly, a treadmill requires no training or supervision. The fact that they are so simple makes them a great way to get started in improving health and fitness. For runners who already have great endurance and find distance running easy, a lot of treadmills allow you to increase the running incline which simulates running up anything from a slight hill to a steep hill. Even better for keeping fitness some treadmills are programmable and can adjust incline and speeds even as you go through your routine.

Many doctors recommend at least 30 minutes exercise each day. However, with our busy lives even this can be difficult to fit in. There are also issues out of our control that may prevent going out for a walk, such as adverse weather or risk of crime. While some may be comfortable walking in a downpour not everyone feels the same. The weather is not just about being too wet or too cold; sufferers with allergies like hay fever can have a real issue and then there are things like heatstroke to consider.

Many people only have time to fit in exercise late at night. Yet it might not be safe in some neighborhoods to go for a walk at a late hour - for these people a treadmill is a perfect way to exercise.

Whether you are a fitness junky, or just trying to lose a few pounds, a treadmill is a great way to get the exercise you require at your own pace and convenience.

Further information on treadmill workouts can be found at

Jonathan Hunt is a free-lance writer and creates websites He is interested in running, writing, and personal development.


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