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Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Buying Tips


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Selecting the best recumbent exercise bike depends on a number of factors, the top consideration being, whether it suits the buyer's needs and physical stature. For consumers who have never shopped for such an exercise machine, a look at some of these pointers might be of some help.

Know The Difference

First, it is important to know what these machines are for. A recumbent exercise bike, as opposed to the more traditional upright exercise bicycle, provides the user with a back support, with the legs out front. The advantage of a recumbent is that it minimizes chances of acquiring back pains and injuries. It is also ideal for those who have just started working out.

Although some machine experts have asserted that a recumbent provides less intense workout, the protection offered by its backrest more than compensates for the perceived lesser intensity that it provides. It is for the buyer or the user to decide whether he or she feels comfortable when using this type of exercise bike.

Primary Features

When buying a recumbent bike, it is advisable to try it out at the retailer before making any purchase. The first thing that a buyer should consider is whether the model is appropriate for his height and weight. There are models with bigger seats that can accommodate, say, a more endowed user. The distance of the pedals and the handle bars from the body should also be considered. Although most of these machines can be easily adjusted, it is still important to nail down the exact position wherein the user will be most comfortable in using the machine.

Most models have additional features like monitors that count the calories burned, the distance covered, speed, and time and resistance level. There are also the more expensive types that allow the exercise regimen to be more adventurous by allowing the user to incorporate a virtual experience into the physical activity. Some models have virtual game features, wherein exercisers see themselves entering a virtual world, biking with other virtual characters and getting in shape while in a world that is different from their living rooms.

Functions and Prices

These exercise equipment have been hailed by fitness experts as ideal for busy people who cannot afford the time to go to the gym. One can just get on an exercise bike and still keep an eye on the kids, read and even watch television. Recumbents are ideal for tightening the muscles of the buttocks, the legs, inner thighs and even the abdomen. It helps burn calories and build and strengthen muscles.

A top-of-the-line model can cost up to $2,500 or even higher. However, one can purchase certain models that can cost less than $300, but don't expect special features with these lower-priced models.

The first thing to consider when choosing the best recumbent exercise bike is this: Do you feel comfortable using it? If the answer is yes, a few more hundred dollars will be a good enough investment for your health and fitness.

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