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Reviews of Bodylastics Top 5 Must Know Secrets About Bodylastics

Robert Deangelo

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Have you read an interesting reviews of Bodylastics lately?

Well here are the 5 things you must know about Bodylastics before you purchase them:

1. Elastic Tubing:

The elastic tubing used in the bands provides smooth, consistent resistance. The tubing will not come “loose" with use, unlike other resistance bands. It is also much lighter, which means it's easier to store and transport. If you travel a lot, just throw in your set and you have your own portable gym!

2. Quick Clip System:

Before the introduction of Bodylastics in 1998, elastic tubing workouts were limited. There was no easy way to adjust the resistance like with free weights and machines. Bodylastics came up with the “Quick Clip System". By attaching clips on the ends of the elastics we enabled the user to easily adjust the level of tension. Because of the ability to attach more than 7 bands to each handle you will have more then enough resistance. In fact at the Arnold World Expo Bodylastics challenged people from the crowd. . . that included powerlifters and pro level bodybuilders to curl only 4 bands. Out of 1000 people that tried only 30 were able to curl the bands for 30 repetitions!

3. Life Time Guarantee:

Bodylastics are the ONLY resistance bands that come with a LIFE-TIME GUARANTEE! This is unheard of in the fitness industry. Have you heard about this in any other review of Bodylastics?

4. You'll Never Be BORED:

Bodylastics offers more than 140 health club type exercises, but what does this mean to you? Well by being able to “hit" the muscles from different angels you will never plateau. This is called the “muscle confusion principle. " At my site I have a complete and step-by-step instructional article that gives you the breakdown on how to use this powerful body building principle in your workouts.

5. Versatile Door Anchor:

The 11-inch door anchor consists of a soft foam piece and a webbed nylon loop. Simply close the door over the loop with the foam piece on the other side, then clip the band onto the loop. This turns your Bodylastics into virtually any gym equipment. Anchor it to the top of the door to create a cable pull, or place it on the floor for an ankle pull. The anchor is guaranteed not to damage your door and provide consistent tension. Just remember not to use it on unstable surfaces, such as ceiling fans or chairs. he Bodylastics package

These are the 5 things that make Bodylastics different then any other resistance band product.

I hope that this review of Bodylastics has helped you in deciding what kind of home gym to get.

The one thing that I can not stress enough is that the most important part of achieving your fitness goals is to commit to working out 3 to 4 times per week at the same time each day. Make it an appointment that can not be changed or broken.

Go into an empty room, garage or even your yard. Put on some workout music you like. And get busy working out and building the body you deserve!

Final Thoughts

Make sure that the resistance bands you use are from a good quality manufacturer. Bands that are of poor quality. . . similar to plain old “rubber bands" lose their elasticity over time.

To see exercise pictures, free workout programs and another Review Of Bodylastics

Click to for complete information, reviews, tips and more. Do this and I guarantee your success.


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