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Commercial Exercise Bike A Simple Buyers Guide For Uprights and Recumbent Machines


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A commercial exercise bike is one of the most popular home exercise equipment. It provides users with an effective physical fitness regimen at the comfort of their homes at mostly reasonable price. It also allows users to multitask and save time since they do not need to drive to the gym.

There are two major types of exercise bikes, the upright and the recumbent. An upright bike is the more traditional type; it is the same as riding a regular bicycle (in a vertical position) except that it remains stationary. The recumbent, on the other hand, provides a backrest that allows the user to recline with the feet in front.

Most manufacturers of these exercise equipment offer both types in one series model, with the recumbent often costing a bit more than the upright models. Recumbent are recommended to those who are only just starting to get into the habit of exercise biking and to people who experience back pains or have back injuries. On the other hand, there have been claims from some exercise enthusiasts that recumbents do not provide the same exercise intensity as uprights do.

Exercise bicycles are great for cardiovascular fitness. They are also effective in toning and strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, the legs, the inner thighs and the abdomen. For people who are a bit overweight, the recumbent is the more ideal type since it provides a wider seat and can help the user ease into the habit of exercising. For those who are looking for a heavier workout and are quite used to strenuous physical activity, upright models will be more appropriate.

A commercial exercise bike can range from $250 to $3,000. The more expensive models are those that have more features. They usually include calorie monitors, pre-programmed activities, heart rate monitors, speed and time counters and other gadgets that allow the user to monitor his or her physical activity. The more expensive models also offer wider warranty coverage and maintenance services so that buyers need not worry if something happened to their exercise equipment.

Some of the more popular brands of exercise bicycles include Life Fitness, Nautilus, Schwinn, ProForm and Nordic. To get the most appropriate one for your stature and body weight, try various models at retailers first before making any decision. Remember to choose the one that is comfortable for your height and weight or those that can be adjusted to suit your built. Of course, you should also consider whether the model you choose is priced reasonably enough so you don't feel hard done by once you've made your purchase.

A commercial exercise bike is a convenient and effective way of getting physically fit. However, a thorough research of what you need and which model suits these needs is needed before you plunge in and shop for your own exercise machine.

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