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Magnetic Resistance Bike Taking a Look at the Mechanics of Upright and Recumbent Models


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A magnetic resistance bike can either be a recumbent or an upright model, although the former is more common. Exercise bikes, like the more popular brands such as Life Fitness, Vitamaster and Nautilus, all serve the same purpose; to tone the muscles and provide an effective cardiovascular workout.

Each brand has its advantages. However, fitness experts are more apt to focus on the type of resistance that an exercise bike offers when it comes to evaluating their functions. For consumers, knowing how each type of resistance works will help them decide which machine would give them their money's worth.

First, let's discuss what a magnetic resistance exercise bike is. Basically, this type of bike applies the principle of repel and attract. The resistance of the machine can be adjusted so that the flywheel can perform on a level where the user is most comfortable. Most exercise bikes have control panels that allow users to adjust the level of resistance depending on their heart rate. In a magnetic bike, the magnetic currents track the resistance level so that the user can make the necessary adjustments depending on his preferred level of intensity.

As opposed to the direction tension type of bike, wherein the user can adjust the resistance manually, and the air resistance type, which works with the use of a fan blade, magnetic resistance devices are smoother and easier to manipulate and have no distracting noises.

One of the more popular brands of magnetic bikes is the Stamina recumbent series. Stamina bikes have heavy weighted flywheel resistance and smooth belt driven feature. These machines are designed to provide easy resistance adjustments so that the user does not need to continually tinker with the machine to achieve his preferred level of workout. Just pushing the correct button will give the rider the workout intensity that he prefers.

Aside from easy adjustments and smoother feel, exercise bikes that feature magnetic resistance are said to offer more options. Most models offered under this type have pre-programmed features, wherein the user can select the workout program best suited for his purpose. Features that monitor time and speed, calories burned and heart rate are also available in most models. Just like a typical exercise bike, models with magnetic resistance are focused on toning the muscles of the thighs, legs and buttocks.

A magnetic resistance bike might serve the same basic functions as typical exercise bikes, but they offer more because they are easier to adjust, have a more sophisticated resistance level, smoother to use and are quieter than other exercise machines. All in all, this type of exercise equipment suits a person who prefers uncomplicated means of achieving physical fitness.

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