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Pilates Home Gym The Best Do It Yourself Regimen


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The new millennium gave rise to the popularity of different physical fitness regimens. One of the more popular variations is Pilates. It is a system of fitness exercises developed by Joseph Pilates based on the method of contrology, or simply mind over matter. He believed in the importance of aligned spine and the need to strengthen the muscles of the torso as the most fundamental of exercises. Lately, due to the busy nature of modern men and women, several instructional pilates home gyms have been designed to keep these busy people on track. Thanks to the modern technology, even gym-based exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home.

The foundations of these specific pilates home gym exercises have only been available to its practitioners. To shed light to this newly discovered workout, here are the seven principles governing this globally renowned exercise:

1. It is firmly based on the power of the mind over matter. In every movement, the main consideration would be to pay attention on the body's reaction to any movement. With that, the fusion of mind and body in the form of graceful, stress-free movements will be achieved.

2. The creator of the program believed in the power of circulation and breathing. The body need an ample amount of oxygen that can only transported with proper circulation. With right breathing, the cells are energized and circulation is improved.

3. Pilates thought that the center core muscles of the body in the abdomen, back and buttocks is the body's powerhouse. With the exercise centered on these muscles, energy flows outward towards the extremities.

4. Concentration is the key to any Pilates exercise. With every regimen, one should focus on it intently to achieve best results.

5. For positive results, the practitioner must practice maximum control. This can be done by ensuring that all movements are done with precise control to avoid backaches and core muscle stress.

6. Everything listed in the Pilates regimen must be done with precision. The purpose of the exercise should be born in mind by the practitioner for increased vitality and overall success.

7. A continuous exercise done with perfectly crafted transitions would build stamina and increase the strength of the muscles.

A pilates home gym is the perfect regimen for those who do not have lots of time on their side. It is easy to do, convenient and not very time consuming. Therefore, you need to begin a fitness regimen now to be on the way to having the body of your dreams and improve your health.

Candis Reade is an accomplished niche website developer and author.
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