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Can a Portable Exercise Bike Help You Work Your Way to Fitness?


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A portable exercise bike serves the same purpose as its bigger counterpart, be it recumbent or upright. It was designed to tone the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks. However, sacrificing the size for portability might also mean that the device sacrifices some of its effectiveness.

Advantages of mini exercise bikes

Yes, they do have advantages. They might be small but they can provide the user his basic needs in terms of cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning. One advantage that these mini-equipment have is that they cost less than the usual biggies. They can cost from as low as $20 to $500. There are high-end portable models that sell for around $899 and even higher, but maybe it would be advisable to get the traditional exercise bike for this price.

Another advantage is the machines’ portability. They do not take as much space as an upright or recumbent exercise bike and are considerably lighter so you can move them around and take them with you in your car if you wish to use it in your office or other places other than your home. They can be stored easily since they are small and you won't need a big space to keep them safe.

The cons of going small

Ever heard of the saying that smaller price means smaller service? It could be true for this portable equipment. They can perform the basic physical fitness functions, but they do not have the stability or safety that bigger machines offer. For one, a mini exercise bike does not offer the back support that a recumbent does. It also does not provide the ease of seating that a bigger model can offer. The resistance might also not be as strong as the big ones and most models do not have the special features that bigger machines have.

Portable indoor bikes, depending on the model, can also have stability problems. There are some that are not sturdy enough so they can wobble and might create some balance problems that users will not likely experience if they are using the bigger models, particularly the mid-price and higher-end ones. The small size also does not usually allow for reach and seating adjustments, so basically, what you see is what you get.

Despite having these advantages, mini exercise bikes do serve their purpose. They can help tone the muscles of the thighs, legs and buttocks. However, these models are not recommended for serious exercisers who are used to high level and high intensity workouts.

A portable exercise bike might not be as superb as its bigger counterparts, but if you prefer a smaller one that you can move around and take with you wherever you go, then by all means, do purchase one. Just choose the sturdy models that can hold your weight and provide you with comfort and stability.

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