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Exercise Equipment What Do You Really Need?

Winifred Churchill

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In truth, you probably don't need any! But, when I embark on a serious exercise program, that is the first thing I look for. I'll bet many of you are no different.

So let's see if we can answer the question ‘What Do I Need?'

There are a few questions we can ask ourselves that may help find an answer.

  • First, what do you want to accomplish?
  • Second are you disciplined enough to use what you may purchase?
  • And do you have room in your home?
    Ok, OK that's 3 questions, but they are all important. Let's take them one at a time.

    What do you want to accomplish?

    You have no doubt watched at least one infomercial showing tanned well-endowed bodies cheerfully going through their paces on the latest, greatest, new and improved version of something very expensive. Then comes the sales pitch - only 6 payments of 50.00 - or whatever the newest innovation in marketing is. Then you hear ‘limited time only’ or maybe it's ‘we only have a limited supply at this special price. So we rush to the phone and willingly offer your credit card number in exchange for the latest and greatest!

    In a couple of weeks Fed Ex or UPS is at your door with this incredibly large (and heavy) box saying ‘sign here’ and away he goes while you scratch your head wondering ‘where in the world am I going to put this’ and ‘just how am I gonna get it there’. Oh, yes, it says assembly required. YIKES!!

    So, let's rewind and start again.


  • Exercise can:
    be a great mood enhancer, depression buster, and stress manager
  • lower bad cholesterol as well as blood pressure
  • reduce back pain by strengthening your back muscles and improving flexibility
  • enhance your immune system
  • help you sleep better
  • assist in a weight loss program
  • improve strength and endurance
  • tighten abs
  • improve posture making you look and feel better
  • I'm sure you can add your own special needs to this list.

    I do hope now isn't the first time you asked yourself ‘do I have room’. Remember? That was one of the first questions you were to ask - before you went to the phone.

    Now let's take a look at what you should have considered before you order that humungous box that says assembly required.

    You can accomplish most of the above goals with a few simple items that don't require much room or budget busting costs.

  • hand weights - several sizes - start light
  • exercise bands of various strengths
  • exercise balls are not only useful but fun
  • an exercise mat for use on hard floors or the ground, otherwise carpet works fine
  • VCR or DVDs For these visit your public library and try some you rush out and purchase your own.
    There are many variations in level of conditioning needed. Therefore, my suggestion to borrow from the library first. You may only want peppy music to accompany your exercise session.

    If you really think you would like to purchase a piece of exercise equipment, make a few trips to a gym and try out various machines. Ask if someone is available to give you some guidance as you make your decision.

    Now for that final question-

    Will you REALLY, REALLY (don't lie to yourself) REALLY USE A MACHINE?

    If the answer is yes, go for it. Exercise equipment can be a time saver and a health enhancer.

    One more thing - EXERCISE ONLY WORKS IF YOU DO!!

    On my web site at You will find articles on health and fitness, stress, alternative medicine, solar power and other alternative energy sources. I will continue to add articles in these and other areas as well as resources and products that, I hope, will be of interest to you.

    I would love to hear your comments on what I am offering as well as any request you may have for a specific topic. Please visit and register for my newsletter to comment.

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