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Low Impact Exercise and Fitness Equipment


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The use of exercise and fitness equipment often results in injury because of the high impact associated with using it. There are, however, various types of low impact exercise and fitness equipment available in the market. The three main types of low impact exercise equipment that you might consider buying are elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. If you have enough space, then you should consider getting one of these low impact exercise machines for your home.

The first and most common low impact exercise and fitness machine is the exercise bike. Exercise bikes come in two forms - the upright form and the recumbent form. The upright form of exercise bike is similar to a normal bicycle in that the rider sits up straight while pedaling. The recumbent form allows the rider to recline while using the machine, thus reducing strain on the back while using the machine. The recumbent bike, while good for endurance training, does not provide a workout of the same intensity as an upright bike can. The standard bike mainly works the leg muscles. Both forms of exercise bike can be fairly affordable, with models available for as little as six hundred dollars.

The rowing machine is another type of low impact exercise and fitness equipment that you may wish to consider. It simulates the action of rowing a boat, helping to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen the muscles in the upper body. The machine makes use of magnetism, air, hydraulics and water to create four different ways in which you can pull the machine. The rowing machine relies on a spinning fan to create air resistance when you pull on the mechanism. This simulates the actual experience of rowing. While a less expensive model can cost less than two hundred dollars, a more expensive model that is more durable and magnetic-based can cost thousands of dollars. No matter what model you choose to buy, however, you will still find it a fantastic option for exercising.

The last type of low impact exercise and fitness equipment that you might consider is the elliptical trainer. Using this machine involves standing on a pair of pedals and moving them around a wheel, making it resemble a hybrid between a regular treadmill and a stationary bike. Some elliptical trainers also include cross-training bars, allowing users to strengthen their arm muscles as well as their leg muscles. Elliptical trainers use two different types of brakes - friction brakes and magnetic brakes. Friction brakes tend to wear out easily so a machine that uses magnetic brakes would be the better choice. The width of your stride should also affect your choice of machines, as you should look for one that does not place your feet too far apart. A guideline for suitable stride width would be twenty inches. The cost of an elliptical trainer can range from less than five hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

If you are thinking of buying exercise and fitness equipment, you should consider these three types of low impact exercise and fitness equipment. Low impact exercise equipment is excellent for regular exercise and helps to reduce the strain and injury from using regular high impact exercise equipment.

Dave Tupniak

Dave is a Kinesiologist, former Personal Trainer, and contributing author at


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