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Using a Mini Trampoline For Exercise and Fitness Safety Considerations


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More and more people are using mini-trampolines as exercise and fitness tools, making it ever more important that people know how to use a mini-trampoline safely and without injuring themselves. While these mini-trampolines may resemble the larger ones that you may have played with as a child, it is important to understand the differences between them and the safety precautions that need to be taken when using a mini-trampoline for exercise and fitness.

One of the reasons for learning how to use a mini-trampoline safely is that this exercise and fitness equipment will allow you to make better use of it in your workout and enhance your benefit your workout. Most mini-trampolines cost anywhere from fifty to three hundred dollars, making it a fairly affordably piece of equipment. Some of the exercises that can be performed on a mini-trampoline are rebounding exercises. These exercises are excellent for strengthening the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems as well as increasing the strength of your bones. You will not be able to fully enjoy the benefits of these exercises if you do not understand safe mini-trampoline use, as it is difficult to exercise if you are injured.

The most common cause of injury when using a mini-trampoline for exercise and fitness, is falling off the trampoline. While studies conducted at the Columbus Children's Hospital in Ohio show that the injuries sustained when falling off a mini-trampoline are not as severe as those from falling off a regular-sized one, the likelihood of falling off either is the same. Injuries that result from falling off a mini-trampoline can still be serious, and may include sprains and broken bones.

Safe mini-trampoline use can be achieved in many ways. The first thing you should do is to cover up the edges of the trampoline, including the springs on the end, thus avoiding the possibility that your feet will become caught in the springs. You should also check your mini-trampoline regularly, paying attention for any signs of tears or loose threads, as it is more likely that you will be hurt while using a used and worn mini-trampoline than while using a new or properly maintained one.

The next precaution that should be taken is that you should only use your mini-trampoline in an area with a high ceiling, away from any ceiling lights or fans.

You should also place an exercise mat beneath your mini-trampoline. This will help to cushion the impact should you happen to fall off the trampoline and will also stop the trampoline from moving around on the ground.

You can also obtain a rebound bar for your mini-trampoline, which is a bar that can be installed to aid you in keeping your balance while you use the mini-trampoline to perform exercises and jumps.

Finally, when your children are using the mini-trampoline, an adult should always be present to supervise them. Children are much more likely to fall and hurt themselves while using a mini-trampoline than adults are. You must therefore ensure that you take the proper precautions before allowing them to use the mini-trampoline for exercise and fitness.

Dave Tupniak
Dave is Kinesiologist, former Person Trainer, and contibutor at


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