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Home Gym Buying Donts


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It's great to know what you want when shopping around for a home gym or other exercise equipment. But it's equally important (and not as oft-considered) to know what you don't want. The following are three powerful tips to avoiding potential problem areas in your selection of the perfect home exercise system for you.

DON'T hurt yourself: Weight-lifting machines and free weights rely on the principles of gravity to create the resistance that makes them effective. And they are effective. But it's also incredibly easy to misuse free weights and weight-lifting machines and wind up hurting yourself greatly. This is because exercise systems that are gravity-based generate momentum as a byproduct of use. It's that untrammeled and hard-to-control momentum that can lead to injuries. For example, momentum may keep the weight going in a particular direction even if the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments cannot. Ouch! Gentle, no-impact exercise - like with the Bodylastics Exercise Bands - handily avoids these painful scenarios.

DON'T bet the farm: Part of the reason you're buying a home gym, presumably, is to avoid signing a contract for an expensive and burdensome membership at your local gym. Why, then, would you want to turn around and sign a contract committing you to several years of payments for a home gym. You already belong in your home, you don't need a membership. And making payments on a mortgage, car, and credit cards is more than enough debt. Remember - a $10,000 dumbbell made of gold is no better than a $10 dumbbell made of iron. You need not spend a billion dollars to have that billion dollar body. Rather than investing so much money in your workout equipment, invest more time in performing a proper workout. You can do that with the simplest of equipment.

DON'T give up your home to have a home gym: Too many workout systems are big and bulky and too heavy to move around once set up. Having such a monstrous machine in your home could very well prohibit any other use of the particular room where it's placed. Sure you want a home gym, but do you really want to give up entirely all other use of your den, study, rec room, living room, guest room, nursery, or other useful space to have it? It's hard enough for most of us to get all our needs met in the limited space our home allows. Harder still if you have a family. Which brings up another point. Your spouse may not be as enamored of the big, bulky, metal machine dominating part of the home you share as you are. And your kids may not be as wise or obedient as you'd like them to be in regards to staying safe when around the equipment.

Find out about the great home gym Bodylastics at - Bodylastics allows you to workout in the comfort of your own home while maintaining the same level of fitness as if you were going to the gym every day. Resistance band exercises are a low impact alternative to banging away heavy weights.


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