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How Using an Exercise Ball Can Benefit You


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Many people owe their fitness and health to exercise balls, including some people who suffer from muscular dystrophy and as such have balancing problems. That is not the limit of the ball's usefulness however. The exercise ball is an excellent home exercise and fitness accessory and can be used to build muscle as well as improve their endurance.

A common misconception concerning exercise balls is that they will take up too much space in your home. This is a fallacy, however, and it can easily be deflated and stored, taking up minimal storage space. This helps make this type of exercise aid an excellent choice as a piece of exercise equipment.

One of the reasons behind the growing popularity of these large rubber balls in recent years is that they are affordable and require little maintenance, unlike regular exercise machines and equipment. This device will also help you avoid expensive gym fees. In fact, they do not require any maintenance at all, although they do wear out eventually, at which point you will have to buy a new one. While this may not seem like it will save you money in the short-run, in the long-run, it is highly beneficial for your muscles and overall exercise and fitness regimen.

Another advantage of using this type of exercise equipment is that it can be used to strengthen all of the muscles throughout your body. Even your core area - the middle portion of your body - can be strengthened using an exercise ball and the right exercises. The device can also be used to develop muscular balance, as they tend to roll about, forcing your muscles to learn to balance in order to counter the movement. The ball is also soft, so you will not injure yourself if you strike one hard.

In addition, exercise balls can be used in conjunction with other types of exercise equipment. Small weights, for example, can be used while using the exercise aid. This provides greater resistance, making your exercises more effective.

Yoga exercises often make use of this type of equipment. The ball can serve to cushion any impacts you experience while exercising because they are soft. The ball will increase the resistance experienced in a yoga workout, however, making it harder and more tiring to perform your exercises.

The large rubber balls have also been used for rehabilitative exercise and fitness purposes, and not just for patients with muscular dystrophy. For instance, patients suffering from back pain can practice balancing on the ball, thus improving the alignment of their backs. This helps them improve their flexibility while reducing the pain.

All things considered, there are many benefits that can be derived from using exercise balls. They are inexpensive, can be used with rehabilitation and yoga exercise and fitness exercises, and can aid you in strengthening all of the muscles in your body. If you are looking to purchase a new piece of exercise equipment, you should seriously consider getting an exercise ball.

Dave Tupniak
Dave is a Kinesiologist, former Personal Trainer, and contributing author at


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