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Choosing the Best Ab Equipment For You

David Cowley

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Chances are that everyone wants rock hard, flat abs, and of course having that toned and fit “six pack" is even better than that. There's no end to the choices when it comes to ab equipment on the market today, and of course they all promise to deliver that flat and firm belly, so if they're all making the same promise, how can you tell which is the best choice for you?

There are a few easy things to remember when it comes to ab equipment, and if you keep these things in mind you're sure to make the right choice.

First, be sure that you're aware of any back problems or limitations you might have; a lot of ab equipment puts undue stress and strain on the back and if you're not using it properly or don't have just the right form, you could very well injure yourself. Also, how much room do you have in your home? Some pieces of ab equipment take up quite a large footprint, so you need to be aware of that. Having something that is cumbersome, in the way, and that you need to constantly step over is the first step toward getting so irritated at the equipment itself that you decide to just shove it in a closet - never to be seen again! If you have a separate room for exercise, that's great, but if not then be aware of how much space you can really devote to this piece of machinery. After all, if you don't have your ab equipment out and available you're much less likely to use it regularly.

Most people do all of there Ab exercises on the floor all the time. It is much better to mix things up a bit. The Bicycle and Crunches are two of the better ab exercises that can be done standing up. You will be exercising your back and abdominal muscles when performing these exercises in an upright position. It can be a bit tricky at first maintaining your balance so hold onto something like a chair when first starting out.

Remember too that you don't really need the most expensive and the fanciest ab equipment to get a good workout. Rollers and balls do a lot of good, as do rockers and even benches. Even a simple mat and a good Pilates tape can do wonders to work the abs, back, and entire pelvic region.

Try sitting on the edge of a strait back chain and lean back. Two different exercises you can do from this position are leg lifts and crunches. We all have equipment in our homes that can help us achieve a great abdominal workout for little or no cost. You are only limited by your imagination.

And there's no ab equipment in the world that will do any good if you don't use it regularly. Make an appointment to do your workout just as you would make any other appointment. You don't need to spend all night on your ab equipment to get a flat belly and toned abs, just a few minutes on a regular basis does a tremendous amount of good. And remember to watch your diet as well; all the muscle tone in the world will be missed if it's under a few layers of fat. A good diet, regular aerobic activity, and regular workouts on whatever ab equipment you've chosen are the keys to being in the best shape of your life, including having those toned and firm abdominals.

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