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Elliptical Trainers - How to Choose the One For You


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In a word, yes, and the proof is in the quality of their individual components. Lower-end ellipticals have notoriously short life spans, seldom surviving more than a year of regular use. The reason you pay so little for your bargain elliptical is that its makers aren't interested in providing a quality product.

So if you want an elliptical, you'll do better do go for a mid-priced one on your first purchase, because if you buy a cheap one which falls apart, you'll probably be soured on the entire idea of elliptical training. You can decide later on if you really need one of the top-of-the-line models.

How Much Room Do You Have?

Before you choose an elliptical you need to figure out where you will put it, and take measurements which you can bring along on your shopping trip. Bring a measuring tape as well, so that you can make sure your choice will be a good fit.

Your elliptical machine has to be both small enough for your space and big enough for your size. The frame of an elliptical should be proportional to its user's height, so taller so if you are tall you will need a larger elliptical.

And if one of the reasons you want an elliptical is to help you shed some of those unwanted pounds, you should make sure that the one you buy can handle your weight. Most ellipticals are constructed to support between 250 and 300 pounds, and you don't want yours to give out after only a couple of training sessions

Is The Elliptical Portable?

If you think you will be moving your elliptical trainer from location to location, or will want to store it in the basement or garage when it's not being used, you need a lightweight elliptical. But you'll have to sacrifice some of the trainer's sturdiness in exchange for a lightweight frame, so if you intend to have regular and intense workouts, you'd be better off finding a permanent place for an elliptical with an extremely solid, heavy frame.

Try Before You Buy

Don't be bashful about testing all the elliptical trainers in which you are interested while you are in the store. Don't just examine the different features; pay attention to how quietly and smoothly they operate. Working out on a loud machine will only get on your nerves, and if the machine does not fell comfortable when you're in motion, you'll soon be making excises about why you don't have time for your workouts.

The bottom line is that you shouldn't begin looking for your elliptical trainer until you've decided where it will go, and how often and intensely you intend to use it. Your choice of an elliptical trainer should be all about your needs, with the name of its manufacturer only a secondary consideration!

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Elliptical Trainers and Safety
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