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Do Elliptical Machines Work?


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Elliptical machines are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment and their usage is growing. But is this popularity a fad or do they actually work?

Elliptical trainers were developed to give an alternative aerobic workout to existing equipment. They have a smooth elliptical action that is somewhere between the action of a cross-country skier and a treadmill. This is low impact, so there is less chance of knee strain. There are more muscle groups worked by an elliptical machine than any other piece of equipment, so it is good for all round fitness. The muscle groups are also worked fairly evenly so there is no chance of over developing one group.

With all these advantages, you can see that the elliptical machine is a great piece of kit. But it should also be remembered what your own individual goals are and whether this piece of equipment will help you achieve them. An elliptical trainer is great for cardiovascular workouts, improving endurance and increasing stamina. It can be the cornerstone of many general fitness programs.

However if your main goal is to improve strength, then you want to look at resistance exercises, weight training and possibly a homegym. Could using an elliptical trainer supplement your strength training exercises? Sure it could. Aerobic exercises can be an important way to burn fat, and improve general fitness. But you should set your own priorities.

The best piece of exercise equipment is the one that you're going to keep on using. That's the great thing about an elliptical machine. There is less chance of getting bored using it. You can use it intelligently by setting your own goals and taking advantage of the computer programs built into most machines.

If you have been wondering if elliptical machines work, the answer that you will hear from both users and personal trainers is a resounding, “Yes!" They are an ideal way to improve your stamina levels, improve your heart and burn fat. If those are goals that you want to achieve, then go ahead and use an elliptical trainer.

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