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Try Some Fun Treadmill Exercises!


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If you think that you can only do limited things on a treadmill, think again. After all, with a little imagination and innovation, you can make your treadmill workout just as challenging as you would like. Here are a few suggestions for creating an intense treadmill workout. Of course, it's always a good idea to check with a doctor before you start a new exercise program or up the intensity of your current workouts.

Dumbbells/Hand Weights

Tired of your legs doing all the work while your arms just hang there – or worse, grip the safety bars? Try raising and lowering five to ten pound hand weights as you walk along. Also, if you're used to hanging onto the bars on your treadmill, you should start slow so that you don't fall, and then simply increase speed as you gain confidence. By the end of a vigorous walk, you will have given your upper and lower body a good treadmill workout.

Walking Backwards

It is obviously best to do this at a slow pace and without hanging onto the bars. Walking backwards uses the muscles in your legs in a whole new way and challenges you to pay attention to your balance as well, which is incredibly important in any sort of exercise routine. After this treadmill workout, you are guaranteed to develop aches in muscles that you never knew you had; remember that this is a good thing however, and that this means that your muscles are truly getting worked out.

Speed Intervals

Be sure to warm up with some stretches before you try this technique, as with any other type of physical exercise. The best way to do a speed interval exercise is to walk or run as fast as you can for one minute. Then slow the pace down for a two-minute breather. After the two minutes are up, do another minute at full speed, and so on. Repeat this cycle five to eight times, as this is an excellent example of a good aerobic treadmill workout.

Changing Incline Intervals

Again, be sure to warm up before you try this exercise. Walk as you normally would for five minutes. Then set the incline on your machine to four or five. Continue walking for another five minutes, then return the incline to zero. Repeat this cycle two times for maximum benefit.

Toes and Heels

Walk as you normally would for five minutes. Then slow down your speed and walk on your tiptoes for thirty seconds. Resume your normal walk for another five minutes, then slow down again and walk on your heels for thirty seconds. Repeat this cycle twice to exercise different muscles in your legs and feet.

A good routine for your treadmill does not have to be bland. Make sure to vary the type of treadmill exercises that you do to keep motivated and healthy.

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