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Computer Use And Protecting Your Eyes

Carrie Westengate

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The majority of jobs now require the use of some form of computer during the day. The transfer of paper records to an electronic format means that people can spend continuous hours in front of their computer screens on a regular basis. This frequently means that it is more regular to become irritable and tired and/or to have uncomfortable eyes and more frequent headaches. It is so easy to become engrossed in what we are doing or simply to have a heavy workload which means we forget to regularly give the eyes a rest. Resting the eyes is necessary to avoid permanent eye problems which may otherwise be avoidable.

It is certainly not to say you have to exist without using a computer at all, that would be extremely difficult these days. However, we all need to take regular breaks and listen to what our bodies are telling us.

When we are distracted, it is much more difficult to pay attention to our bodies warning signals and sometimes even more difficult to do something about it. Our bodies know when it needs a break. Before your eyes start to burn and your head to pound, try and organize your day so that you can be doing something else for a few minutes every hour even if it’s going to do some paper shredding, getting a drink or visiting the washroom! Distract yourself from the screen for a minute or two every 20 minutes. If you need to look busy, clean your work area, flip through papers or search for something in your desk. You should aim to get your eyes to adjust and move around to avoid any eye strain in the first place.

Don’t stare unblinking at the screen. This is very easy to do when concentrating, make a conscious effort to blink frequently to lubricate the eyes. Deliberately open and close the eyes to give them mini breaks. Take some time to roll your eyeballs around although it’s probably best not to be looking at someone when you do this! Yawning will also release muscle tension which can lead to headaches and eye strain although if you are in a work environment you may wish to make sure your boss isn’t looking.

Thankfully these days it is usually part of the Health and Safety requirements within a company to assess and provide the correct individual ergonomic work station for employees. This means that someone will assess you and recommend the correct seat and monitor height among other things such as keyboard type and whether you require wrist rests for example. You should always be comfortable, if you are not, make sure you request an assessment. You should not have to stretch or look at things from an unusual angle. If you have to sit where there is glare on your screen and can’t move it, the least you should have is a screen protector. Again it is important to get up and move around for a few minutes as often as you can.

While it is tempting to have low lights when you are working, these will make you feel sluggish and moody. Bright cheerful lights will help keep you more positive and alert. Don’t feel guilty for taking short breaks and rolling your eyes during your work day as this will lead to more productivity in the long run and may well save you from damaging your eyes.

If you find yourself suffering from eye floaters perhaps you should consider this fool proof method . Floaters can be particularly annoying when you find yourself having to focus on monitors, so do consider this easy method to get rid of them.


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