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Contact lenses - a great tool for everybody


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Many medical devices are designed in such a way that they are invisible yet incredibly effective. Contact lenses are a device that sits on your eye and are discernible only to the most acute observer or if you possess one of those designer lenses these give the eyes an unnatural appearance. In the past, these lenses were not used by many except for the most daring (and probably, a little mad) for their primitive designs made them extremely uncomfortable and they were speculated to break in the eye if something untoward were to happen. Today’s contact lenses however have none of that. With state of the art designing techniques, these devices are very popular among today’s generation. Their safety is so guaranteed they are even used in babies! This article brings to the reader a few facts regarding these lenses.

Why contact lenses?

Why would anyone want to choose something that people won’t be able to take notice of or requires a little courage to put on in the first place? For one thing, considering the use of both glasses and contact lenses, the latter has a few advantages over the former. For instance, consider the clarity of vision. As contact lenses are worn literally on the eye, they correct the incoming light and send it directly to the retina without suffering much deviation. In glasses however, the light could get further refracted by the air between the eye and the glass. Moreover, contact lenses are not affected by outside weather conditions such as fog. More apparently, there are no physical indications of wearing vision correctors such as the nose pad marks. These days, the lenses are comparatively more affordable and hardly cause any infection.

Different types of lenses

Now these lenses need to be disposed of quite regularly and they are therefore classified according to the interval within which they are supposed to be disposed of. The conventional type of contact lenses is those that have an expiry date set one year into the future. Although this is what seems advantageous in terms of life and price, they are generally not advised. Next, there are the more frequent ones that need replacement every month or weekly or even daily. According to the order mentioned, the quality of vision is seen to improve as one goes down the list. In any case, go according to the prescription of the ophthalmologist that you are consulting as they would take into account your lifestyle et al before deciding on which contact lens to prescribe and obviously, the doctor knows best.

New lens users

Like everything else in the world, these lenses most probably won’t be wholeheartedly welcomed by the wearer who is wearing them for the first time. This is because the person is not used to them rather than a faulty lens. It is best to give them some time before deciding on their fate. Increase the time slowly until one is comfortable with them. If irritation persists, consult with a doctor and either get the lenses replaced or move towards glasses.

Follow procedures such as washing your hands and drying them before wearing the contact lenses (kontaktlinser is the way Danes call them). Carry prescription papers to prove to authorities that you are required to wear contacts as they can otherwise be regarded as an attempt to conceal identity.


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How we can easily put our contact lenses
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