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Why Are Contact Lenses Suitable Corrective Eyewear


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For many people who suffer visual impairment, the automatic solution is to correct it with prescription glasses. To be fair, it is usually that way because that is what the optician or optometrist will recommend. The minute they place those bulky frames on your face to measure out the right prescription you feel like your fate has been sealed. After a while suffering with glasses that constantly need to be cleaned and fidgeting with their positioning so you can be more comfortable with the newly added feature to your face, you eventually start to wish for an alternative. Lasic surgery would be awesome but the cost is prohibitive and lasers will actually be used in your eye. That leaves you with contact lenses.

Many people have a very fearful view of contact lenses and that is only because they have not had a chance to experience them first hand. It does seem scary to see someone actually touching the naked eye with their finger, after all, when someone points at you, backing off is the automatic response. In reality inserting contacts is a simple matter that just requires hygiene and gentleness. The current varieties of contacts are also very comfortable to wear. Soft lenses are particularly flexible and can come in extra thin varieties to make it easier to wear. They easily adhere to the moisture on the surface of the eye and cling firmly on.

Hard lens, also called rigid gas permeable (RGP), are longer lasting and offer better clarity. They are also more expensive than the soft ones but they do not need to be replaced as often. As a result they can prove to be more affordable in the long run. The benefits to wearing contacts over glasses are self evident. When properly worn, contacts can barely be felt. Unlike glasses, the wearer can actually forget they are short or long sighted. They also don’t have to deal with having to only look through the frames to get a clear picture. With contacts, the vision is clear whatever the direction that is looked at. During bright weather it becomes a simple matter of simply wearing sunglasses over the eyes. Glasses on the other hand have to be made photochromatic or have clip-on sunglasses added.

For people with a very active lifestyle, like athletes, wearing glasses can prove cumbersome as they continually shift positions when moving and must be held in place when bending over or making sudden movements. Contact lenses (or kontaktlinser in Danish)allow the wearer to carry out tasks without fear that their glasses will fall off their face. For others it’s just about aesthetic appeal. While there are many choices available when it comes to frames (or brillestel in Denmark), many people feel embarrassed having to wear them. Contacts allow them to discretely correct their vision and no one need know about the problem. Wearers can even choose to enhance their features by changing their eye colour with contacts. For people wanting to make a change, contacts are a good option but require a firm commitment to cleanliness and following your optometrist’s instructions.


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