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Tips for buying reading glasses


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When you become about 40 years old, you might start encountering difficulties when reading. When this happens, it’s probably about time that you face the fact that the time for you to buy reading glasses has come.

Around the time that you become 40 years old, you will most likely start to notice that you have a hard time focusing up close like you used to do before. Staying on the computer for extended periods of time might become a burden and you might have troubles focusing from near to far distances. That is a condition which is known as presbyopia, and it expresses itself with the decrease of our ability to focus on near objects. This condition occurs when your crystalline lens becomes somehow less flexible or when the muscle which causes the lens to change gets weaker. The first idea that you probably will have, especially in the cases when you don’t wear contact lenses or glasses already, will be to go to the nearest drugstore and get yourself a pair of reading glasses. You simply are going to be amazed of the variations of styles and colors that the reading glasses which are over-the-counter have. They come in different strengths or powers. And here comes the problem – how exactly can you be sure which of these various kinds of reading glasses you should buy? Well, here are a few tips that will hopefully put you at ease when you purchase your new reading glasses.

- Schedule yourself an eye exam.
In case your need is not an emergent, you are advised to contact your eye doctor and get yourself an appointment in order to undergo a comprehensive eye examination. You probably are just experiencing the problem that a lot of people call jokingly ‘short arm syndrome’ or ‘over 40 syndrome’ which is officially called presbyopia. However, this is not necessarily true as blurry vision might be a sign of serious eye diseases or eye problems. Just to be on the safe side, schedule yourself an eye exam and make sure that the health of your eyes is in a good state.

- Consider getting prescription reading glasses.
When you visit your eye doctor and he/she tells you that it is recommended that you buy prescription reading glasses (briller is the Danish term) and not the ones that can be purchased over-the-counter, the cheap ones we call billig briller in Denmark, you will most likely think that the doctor simply wants to sell you a pair of glasses. However, why would you buy something at a higher price when you can get it at a really cheap price at your local drugstore? Here are some reasons: firstly, you might need a different strength for every eye, and the OTC (over-the-counter ) reading glasses offer only equal strengths. If the strengths of the lenses are incorrect you might suffer from eye straining. Secondly, he OTC readers won’t correct astigmatism while the prescription reading glasses will. In case you have astigmatism and it is not properly treated, you might encounter headaches, vision which seems off and tired eyes.


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