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Pros and cons of wearing contact lenses


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After you have discovered that you have some vision problems, and the doctor prescribes you glasses to correct them, it is sometimes hard to accept that you have to change your appearance by wearing glasses all day long. If you don’t like the way you look with glasses on, you have another option to correct your vision problems, you can choose to wear contact lenses. However you have to be sure that contact lenses are a good substitute for glasses in your condition. First of all you should discuss the option with your doctor, and then you should consider the pros and cons of wearing contact lenses, so that you can be sure that contact lenses are the best option for you.

The positive sides of contact lenses are probably far more than the negative ones, however, you should not neglect their negativities when you make your choice. Firstly, when you are wearing contact lenses there will be no visible change in your appearance. If you want, you can purchase contact lenses with different colors, and change the color of your eyes, but if you don’t like this idea there will be no visible difference in your appearance. Contact lenses have the ability to provide a perfect peripheral vision. Glasses will not give you good peripheral vision, so you will have to turn your head if you want to see something on the side, while contacts provide you with perfect peripheral vision and you will only have to turn your eyes. Probably the most positive thing about wearing contact lenses is that they won’t be any issue when you are playing sports. Contact lenses are the perfect choice when you are participating in activities that require running and fast reactions because they won’t fall of your eyes and break, like glasses will.

There are some cons of wearing contact lenses which you should note before you make a choice. Usually contact lenses need to be taken off at night and placed back in your eyes in the morning. Though it is not a complicated task, handling such small objects is not often easy. First of all you can easily lose them, because they are hard to spot, and you have to follow a regular cleaning routine so that you can keep your contact lenses clean and germ free, in order to avoid infections. Another negative side of contact lenses is that you will have to buy new ones every few months, while with glasses you can wear a pair of years.

By considering both the negative and positive sides of wearing contact lenses (kontaktlinser as the Danes say), you can easily make the choice whether you should get a pair of regular glasses (or briller as we call them in Danish) or you should select contact lenses. The choice depends on your personal preferences and needs alone.


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