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How I learned I needed glasses


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I love to read. I read about three to four books a week. I am lucky that I like all sorts of books. And I like different authors. I have been reading a different type of book recently. I could not put a finger on why my preference had changed? I then noticed I had dropped my reading from my normal three to four books a week to as little as two. It is hard to explain why this was happening until one day I learnt why.

I had visited the bookstore looking for a new book or two to read. I looked at books I would normally read but left them alone. I was about to purchase a book that I was not really sure about, and then it dawned on me. It was all down to the size of the text. I rushed home to examine all the books I have read recently, after replacing the book I was holding.

All the recent books had large print! I made myself a hot drink and absorbed the information I had just discovered. “I need an eye test” I looked up the local Boots chemist store, I made an eye examination check for that afternoon.

When I arrived at the opticians, I was given quite a lengthy form to complete. Now please tell me why they use such small print? With some difficulty I completed the form and handed it to the very professional looking lady who I presumed is the optician. In about five minutes, I was called in for a consultation prior to my examination. I was asked why I think I need an eye test, have I ever worn glasses before and do I have any discomfort or eye watering problems?

It was time to check my eyes after a grueling thirty-minute questions and answers session. The test itself was not too bad. Some discomfort but manageable. I found it hard to read the lower lines on the large white and black board. The optician started to place different sized round lenses in the very strange frames I had on. She asked me over and over again to read the lines I could not see or had difficulty in seeing. Eventually I could read all the lines with ease.

The optician called me in from the waiting room. She went on to inform me I would need reading glasses. The prescription was stronger for my left eye than the right. I was then handed over to a sales / fashion advisor and who helped me choose my new glasses. The whole experience was very professional and reassuring that I was in good hands.

I now read five to six books in a normal week. I do not suffer from watering eyes when I sit down to relax and read my favorite book. And I have been told that my new glasses (or briller as we call them here) make me look intelligent . Miracles can happen.


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