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Use glasses while working with computer


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Very often prolonged computer work leads to pain in the eyes, tearing and even headaches. Experts say that these problems can lead to even less efficiency in the workplace. All the employees working with computers should use computer glasses. Doctors recommend that even if you do not have problems with the eyes to use computer glasses.

The second half of the 20th century led to straining in a strange way of the human vision. Scientists have tried to prove how eyes damage when watching TV for a long time, reading in darkness and when using transport. But recently was added another detrimental factor-the computer. In 1998 American doctors from the association of the optometrists (those who check the sharpness of vision) introduced a new term-computer vision syndrome (CVS). This is a specific deterioration of the vision in people who spend long time in front of their computers. Some of the symptoms of CVS are: deterioration of eyesight, slow refocusing of close to distant objects and vice versa, occurrence of fatigue when reading, burning sensation in the eyes, a feeling of sand under the eyelids, pain in the area of forehead and temples, pain when moving the eyes, red eyes. That’s why people who use computers are recommended to find appropriate glasses.

Most of the people working with computers start complaining that they do not feel good after about 4 hours and all the people complain after 6 hours in front of the monitors. Reading of information on the screen loads less the vision than the data entry. And the most strenuous for the vision is the work in dialog mode and computer graphics. The problem is that the human vision is not suited for working with computer images because the images on the screen differ much from the real objects. The screen lights up, the image has no sufficient contrast, there are no clear contours and it consists of individual points that flicker. Furthermore, the eye gets tired more quickly when the eyes are often moved from the screen to the keyboard and vice versa.

The recommendations of the doctors are to reduce the time spent in front of the computer, to place properly the monitor and to have breaks during work. The victims of CVS can be helped with special computer glasses . Now there are many optic shops that offer special glasses that protect the eyes from the work with computer. The special color of the lens of the glasses is much important. The use of such glasses sharply reduces the visual fatigue in people who actively work with computers and they also improve the focus much better than the ordinary glasses. It is good to use such glasses because you will get rid of the unpleasant feelings in the eyes. Try this article to know more.


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