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Sunglasses and different lenses


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Our eyes work all the time and we need to put certain efforts into keeping them safe. In fact, vision requires more energy than any other body function. Ultraviolet rays, bright sunlight and glare cause discomfort to our eyes and they worsen our vision. This is why wearing sunglasses, when we are outdoors, is so important.

Sunglasses allow us to see clearly in bright sunlight, they block the discomforts that glare causes and last but not least they protect our eyes from the dangerous UV rays. Glare is always present during sunny days. Glare is the reflection of the sunlight on surfaces, and sunlight reflects on almost everything. This reflection bothers our vision and makes our eyes work even harder so we can see. This causes a lot of discomfort, eyes fatigue and sometimes even headaches. To avoid this we need sunglasses with polarized lenses. Polarized sunglasses successfully block the glare of the sun reflection and thus ease our vision and our eyes are more relaxed when we wear them. There are also photochromic lenses. Those lenses are designed to react to the changes of the light and become brighter or darker. These lenses are very practical, because they change according to the light and always provide adequate protection. The color of the lens is also very important, different color lenses have different qualities. Grey is the most common color for sunglasses lens. Grey lenses provide adequate protection from UV and infra red rays and they don’t disturb the vision in any way. The colors remain true when you are wearing sunglasses with grey lenses and the depth perception is maintained normal. Green lenses have the same qualities as the grey ones. Blue light is also considered to affect our vision; brown lenses are meant to effectively block the negative effects of scattered blue light. Yellow lenses are one of the most popular fashion colors. Yellow lenses also enhance depth perception and they provide one hundred percent UV protection. However, yellow lenses are not very good at blocking the infrared rays.

Rose-colored lenses are also useful to effectively filter scattered blue light. They can also improve contrast. Rose-colored lenses are considered to be the best for long term use. When you choose sunglasses, consider how you will use them, for sports, for driving or just as a fashion accessory.

Every different lens has some qualities, but the most important thing is to choose quality sunglasses. You should get sunglasses that provide at least 95% UV protection. You should also look for sunglasses made from quality materials, because scratches and damages on the lens can cause more harm than help. Optical quality is also very important, optical quality means that the lens is free from distortion and it won’t damage your vision. Sunglasses (or Nye solbriller in Danish ) are an important factor for your eyes and the correct care for your vision .


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